Today, I am going to list some interesting videos and also take on Ankara style! Incidentally, I am under the weather today; that not withstanding, Blogging must go on!

Okay to start off here is our very own URU! with here brand new video!

Now onto what you have been waiting for the parody on Bleaching in Africa

The ladies did a good job.
Now check this clip out on Tyra Banks Show " A lady bleaches her kids skin with BLEACH!" What is the world coming to?

So what are you up to today readers?


Unknown said…
very intresting and informative blog. said…
I honestly don't get Uru's video. It's even hard to hear what she is saying. It is omewhat annoying. I do like her styling. said…
with the exception of the red dress. Again hard to hear her-the sound et al. But few words I can grasp something about they don't know and can't break you? If it is aimed at lifting you etc. then it would be helpful to have a video that fits that theme. I thought she was US based why is her video not measuring up to the quality ones coming out of Naija lately? Expected more. Dissapointed.