Oh my I am so in love with makeup artistry these days; the way an african queen looks after her wedding makeup artist enhances her look. Well today also is my special day, so I guess you are in for a treat. First off my quick chat with Star Make up artist "Banke Meshida"
Naijagal: Hi Banke nice to chat with you!

Banke Meshida:Thanks for the mention over the years on your much visited blog

Naijagal: Thanks lets get started when did you get started?
Banke Meshida: I started in 1998

Naijagal: Do you work everyday? Ladies want to know.
Banke Meshida: Yes i do. Monday through Wednesdays in the hair and makeup studios in ikoyi or at photoshoots with TYBELLO or training in the studio.

Naijagal:What inspired your makeup line?
Banke Meshida: Colors and the fact i was always concocting things and mixing textures and brands to get certain effects and looks...

Naijagal: thats great, another question readers want to know is what are your favorite eye shadow colors?
Banke Meshida: I have two favourites!!!... fuscia pink and copper.

Naijagal: Those are really nice colors! Now how about foundation?
Banke Meshida: It changes every the moment its IMAN.

Naijagal: Now what would you recommend brides do to prepare for their makeup artists on that special day?
Banke Meshida: Use BMPRO skin brightening essence and follow my skincare routine. infallible combination really!

Naijagal: Aside for makeup artistry, what do you do for fun?
Banke Meshida: I absolutely love to sing and listen to music...KEYSHIA COLE at the moment....

Naijagal:Thanks Banke for having a quick chat with us.
BM:Thanks Naijagal

Well there it is readers, to reach Banke you can visit her studio at Ikoyi Mall, 1 Bank Road off 2nd Avenue Ikoyi


Tyra Banks recently had a show about women who bleach ( no news there) but the crazy part is how some ladies have taken it to a whole new level! Washing their face with bleach, Madness
Now for all who use fair and white etc here is what you need to know

Did you know that some of these creams contain 14% hydroquinne? A dermatologist would tell you 4% is the maximum and only be used on small spots to reduce scarring; what we see instead are women who use the creams over their entire bodies.

" But is the result worth the risk -- even if the risk is cancer? Read on for the scary side effects of these controversial creams.

Even small doses of Mercury can cause neurological damage. This concern is so great, Minnesota has outlawed cosmetics like skin lighteners that intentionally feature it. But some "mom and pop" shops carry creams with that contain extreme levels of such ingredients.

This component of many skin-bleaching techniques is also found in film developing products. (Note: Your body is a work of art, but should you treat it like a chemically processed photo in a darkroom? We think not!) The idea of using this ingredient didn't sound good to the French, who banned it for fear of cancer risks.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids
These are most commonly found in facial chemical peels, which are better known as procedures reserved for serious and infrequent skin overhauls administered by professionals. These should not be in anything you use at home regularly.


Most people hear this word and immediately think "poison," which is exactly what arsenic is. Not something you want to find on the list of ingredients in your face cream, but that might be the case with some skin lighteners. "

Well readers what do you say? By the way I had a quick break yesterday on my special day!

Children's clothes business would work in Nigeria as seen in the video below. My favorite.

Apprentice Africa Video Clip!

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Anonymous said… does that mean we've to add interviewing skills to your resume now? Good job well done. It's been ages since i visited your blog. Yeah i know, you can't blame me, blame Linda Ikeji & Niyi Tabiti for their gossip gists.

BTW, could you pls add dates to your posts, so we know when you post them. Thanks
naijagal said…
I know wienna perhaps I have to get another template with dates lol

yes oh it has been a while, I do not blame you gossip on niyi is hot:)