I am blessed readers, this is my favorite song! I hope you love it too. Naijagal gets pretty emotional when this song is played, whatever tribulations you are going through today, just know that it too will pass. You too will speak when the storm is over. Stay blessed and remember to have beautiful eyes see the good in others!


Solomon said…
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Anonymous said…
thx u for this inspirational came at the right time...i know God is in control !
Anonymous said…
The video is so powerful and moving! Thanks a lot for posting. I needed that. :)
Anonymous said…
powerful.thanks naijagal.
naijagal said…
thanks anon
11.09, 2.54,7.39 listen to the song all day and you will in my opinion have a blessed day thanks for stoping by naijagal

@solomon sure we can exchange links you have a nice set of blogs