According to the dragons den sweeper's diary

"Students of martial arts are taught to FOCUS, to CONCENTRATE their energies towards every dynamic challenge, because victory hardly smiles on scattered efforts. In business, the technique absolute concentration is paramount in obtaining the desired result and overcoming every obstacle present in the journey to successful achievements. Upholding the most elementary technique required for business success, the dragons return in episode 8 like the wise business tacticians that they are, guiding the entrepreneurs through the basic principles of focus and concentration of skills, energy, and efforts to the successful actualization of one particular goal at a time. We watched Chris Parkes, John Momoh, Ibukun Awosika, Femi Tejuoso, and Tokunboh Ishmael as they lit the den with the fire of their business wisdom.

Capitalizing on the booming fashion industry, and the increasing desire by women to look attractive, our first entrepreneur for episode 8 was the fashionably dressed microbiologist, Ayobola Adediji. She came to pitch a “one-stop-beauty place” to the dragons. Her idea was to combine a beauty spa, hair salon, a pedicure and manicure clinic, and a make-up shop in one big beauty mall.

Ibukun Awosika seemed to have warmed up to Ayobola immediately, complimenting her nice suit. Half way into her presentation, she revealed her plans to acquire one plot of land, of which she would lease out one-half to a developer, and build her beauty place on the other half. But the dragons soon became uncomfortable with her projections. She had stated earlier that she was buying the full plot of land for 6.5 million naira, whereas she expected to generate an income of 10 million by leasing one-half to a developer. Femi Tejuoso could not see the logic in this – he wondered why the developer would pay her 10 million naira for half a plot for 10 years when he can buy a full plot next door for just 6.5 million naira.

Tokunboh Ishmael and Ibukun Awosika seemed to like the idea. Though they couldn’t invest at the moment, but they encouraged the entrepreneur to fine-tune her plan and forge ahead.

“Get my details from the producers, I’d like to spend time with you (to discuss this business further)” Tokunboh Ishmael offered as her farewell words. "

Great idea as a one shop stop beauty place, however, what I find missing here is the whole concept behind the beauty place. Perhaps she should start small or is she now in the real estate business? It just did not strike me as though she were trying to make money from the beauty biz but through leasing out the other half to the developer. Why in the world would a developer want to lease from you? Well I do think the one stop beauty place would be viable business because women in Nigeria are fascinated with beauty.
Case in the point all the cosmetics lines coming out and the rate at which mary kay has become part of a lot of women in Nigeria's daily lives. Okay enough of my rant today, what is your take on this readers?


AIQ said...

Well well well. I guess there is always a loop hole in any business idea or concept. You never really get it right in the first place, which is where risk management comes in so my first risk management would be to look for investors elsewhere other that the DD. The loop hole in dragon's den is as you present you business idea to dragon's den you do so to millions of others with raw liquidity but no ideas.

Anonymous said...

i am ayobola adediji and i know my beautyville idea would trive the thing of the developer is just an additional thing the money is in the real estates.ayobola adediji

ayobola adediji said...

i am ayobola adediji and i know my beautyville idea would trive the thing of the developer is just an additional thing the money is in the real estates.ayobola adediji

Anonymous said...

i think Miss Ayobola Adediji is a combination of beauty and brains, her idea is simple and fantastic concept.Nigeris really has its own fair share of great minds.

chidi said...

she reahe nail on the head with the real estates ,we need more like this in nigeria

Wale Adeshina said...

I didn't get to watch the show , but i read what was writing on dragons den website and i was impressed at the fact that it was a lady, we need more women like this in Nigeria

Anonymous said...

I loved her confidence