photos by jamoe silas; photo editing by naijagal

CONGRATS! 9ice and superb entrepreneur Toni (whom I admire) got hitched today! Congrats from Naijagal. Her wedding dress is stunning and 9ice's suit is dapper. Ah love is a wonderful thing.

Update: The full story culled from thisdayonline

"The early morning drizzle was totally unexpected. The night was warm, and as dawn approached, there was no sign rainfall was approaching. Well, it didn’t rain, after all. It was just the drizzle, rushing and consistent, that created a community of droplets on windscreens, and left many commuters half-wet.

It was Thursday July 17. To many, this was just another day. But to close friends and family members of 9ice, the intermittent drizzles on a morning the weather man predicted as ‘warm and sunny’ were a sign that this was no ordinary day.

The 28 year old singer finally took the bold step, last Thursday, as he walked down the aisle with his fiancée Anthonia Oluwaseun Payne.

While most of his female fans and admirers were still asleep, curled up in bed and listening to the radio, 9ice took close friends and family members to a registry in Surulere local government where he exchanged wedding vows with ‘Toni.

9ice announced his engagement to Toni early this year, promising they would tie the knot before year-end.

His bride, a US-based entrepreneur returned to the country last Monday to prepare for the wedding.

The couple arrived the local government secretariat, at a few minutes before 9 am, in the company of family members and bodyguards. 9ice looked smart in a black suit while his bride wore a white V-neck gown.

Quiet and devoid of all fanfare, the wedding lasted for half an hour, as the registrar Mrs Tola Awoliyi counselled them, made them sign the wedding register and exchange rings. At about 9:30am, she pronounced them husband and wife: ‘may I introduce to you, Mr and Mrs Abolore Akande’, she told the excited audience, as the hall was overtaken with wild jubilation. 9ice and Toni shared a kiss, clinging to one another for more than a few minutes.

The formal wedding at the registry was later followed by a traditional wedding at Abiona close, off Falolu Street, Surulere, Lagos."


Anonymous said...

what a lovely couple nice picture

NikkiSab said...

nice pix. de look so simple

coolgal said...

hi nikki yes the look exquisite
@anon you can say that again

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