Hi readers, how is it going. Well today is an exciting day as we have decided, yes the naijagal team to post a poll! We all know that African women and ladies all over the world love fashion and style, well here is your chance to vote for you feel is the most fashionable or stylish first lady in Africa. We have placed 10 countries on this poll. We will be presenting other polls for you to vote on other country's first ladies. Also readers we are now on wordpress as well! http://naijagal.wordpress.com

Here is something interesting about a couple of the ladies listed below:

1. Hajiya Turai Umaru Yar'Adua Nigeria's first lady has a passion for education especially girls education. We feel that makes her really beautiful.

2. Grace Mugabe Zimbabwe's first lady
Hiding behind £180 Christian Dior sunglasses and with a £25,000 diamond-encrusted Rolex hanging off her wrist, the First Lady of Zimbabwe spent a day doing what she does best - shopping.
According to reports when asked how she justifies wearing ferragamo, she replied simply: "I have very narrow feet, so I wear only Ferragamo." Doesn't that make her a style icon?

3. Zainab Jammeh Gambian First Lady is from the kingdom of Morocco. Her hobbies include Reading, Horse-Riding, Music and Travelling. She recently gave birth to a baby boy in the US. She is certainly a stylish new mom.

More updates on each of our ladies listed here! If you have some information you would like to share be sure to leave a comment or be sure to send naijagal an email!

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Anonymous said...

ferragamo shoes???? hmmmmmm!

misspumping said...

the first lady of Gabon wins my vote

Anonymous said...

I think it's really disturbing that the first lady of Zimbabwe is included in this post. Ferragamo shoes? Dior glasses? Puulease! This b*tch spends her time shopping while millions of her countrymen are living in poverty. People are starving and she is talking about her shopping habits. Naijagal, please do a post on the plight of the people of Zimbabwe rather than this woman and her husband!!!

Anonymous said...

The world is aware of the greed & cheap taste of Zimbabwe's rulers. This so called First Lady acquires everything she sees & has ruined her country well beyond repair. As long as she remains in power there will be no hope. Such people have no class nor background & forget their poor beginnings. They need to be eliminated instead of featured.

Simply said...

Totally agree with the above comments.