Our very own blogger/star television personality discusses with 'IT EXPERT' Victor Ndali (Hewlett Packard Consultant?) on the benefits of a paperless society. Check out the video below.

The video gives readers a better understanding of the benefits of a paperless society. But is that possible in Naija?

How is document management performed? Well check out the article below:

The Benefits of a Paperless Office:
How Document Management Software is continually eliminating the need for physical file storage in small and medium-sized businesses.

As the world goes digital, so will your filing cabinet. Software programs like Imperial Software System's EZ Doc Filer are taking the document management market to new heights. By allowing documents to be scanned into a database managed system, new imaging and retrieval solutions have the ability to store a company's document archive on a server while integrating their legacy database application.

A direct result of this electronic organization is the easy access of all data that is withheld in each document. Files can be parsed into different data fields and queried as if they were created in a word processing or spreadsheet application. While this is standard of most document management software, few will have the functionality necessary to accept incoming files from company exclusive directories or from email and fax. A program like EZ Doc Filer (mentioned above) can both deliver files to and from email, fax, and the web.

For those companies who have not yet taken advantage of electronic file storage solutions, below is a list of features one should inquire about before settling on a specific document imaging system:

* Easy Document Retrieval
* Eligibility for documents to be queried and searched
* Prevention of lost documents
* Copier enabled scanning
* Quick PDF Conversion
* Fully customizable user interface
* Ability to fax and email from within the application
* Automated time and date stamp for proper intra-office logging
* HIPAA compliancy

Once such software has been implemented for use in a small or medium-sized business, the client can expect to reduce time spent searching for, retrieving, returning, indexing reviewing, and storing documents; searching for lost documents; and copying paper documents.

In a volatile economy, why waste valuable resources and capital on off-site storage fees and annual file system expenses? Rid yourself of the clutter presented by large, bulky in-house filing cabinets and make the change to a paperless office today.

Jeffrey Olchovy is a front-end web developer and certified SEO for a Long Island-based software company.

So what do you say readers? I am certainly feeling the NBC today look on STV kudos to miss Adaure! Okay readers, there will still be midweek music videos coming up, so stay tuned to Naijagal!


uni said...

Returning your visit to my blog. OH definitely...Nice blog. I'm always looking forward to acquiring new knowledge and ideas.. so, I'm gonna be a frequent reader of your blog. Thanks so much for stopping by... and come back soon.

Jeffrey Olchovy said...

Thank you for referencing my article on your blog. While a paperless society is an extremely ambitious goal, a paperless office is rather attainable with the right document management software. Excellent blog, by the way.

Anonymous said...

She needs to pick one accent so she can be a little more fluent. She seems to be reaching for "which" accent to use, thus sacrificing some of her eloquence in the process.

Paperless ko, paperful. Those boli and ekpa sellers will now start wrapping their ish in what? plastic abi flash drives?

Adaure said...


Anonymous said...

so the dude works for HP that makes most of their profit in Nigeria from the sale of printers and he's promoting a paperless society?

Anonymous said...

Umm duh listen to the guy, a virtually paperless society is impossible... now whether you print with a pack of paper a week or ten packs per week, you would still need a printer to do so-therefore their sales will not be terribly impacted at least not of printers and at least not in the short / medium run... n
Now maybe toners and all the printer paraphernalia might take a little hit but that's about it...

As for Adaure, I am a big fan but I have to say, I agree with what Anonymous 12.32 said sha... Or was it that I had such great expectations since this was the first of her TV sessions I was viewing. I almost felt like she stumbled through the whole thing. Anon has given the solution. She strikes me as an original gal as a girl who can get down with the get down and be real, so she should be real and true to herself and stop trying to 'form' accent. Speak well that is all that matters. I hope I will be impressed in future interviews...

Ladybrille said...

I think the bigger issue is globalization and the continued impact of foreign products in African markets i.e. Chinese, American e.t.c. You've got HP with such huge market share in Nigeria. That's astounding! How does this affect citizens of Nigeria? Is HP manufacturing in Naija to give jobs to Naijas? How many citizens are employed by HP in Naija? How many are foreigners? How much contribution does HP give to Naija in terms of social responsibility? What trainings are available to help the country recycle or transition into minimal paperless society. These are more Q's is what I have. It continues to amaze me hoe much money major firms in the East and West are making off Africans. Arguably it could be a good thing for Africa if these firms are manufacturing in Africa as they then help decrease unemployment rates. But, then we get into the labor standards also and what they are doing to the environment. Anyway, I'd be curious to know if anyone knows re HP in Naija.

As to Adaure's accent, I was honestly taken aback when I heard her. Call it a shock but I realize it's as a result of her down to earth chill with u voice on her blog that is her outlet. She speaks Yoruba, Ibo, Pidgin and just chills with u on her blog. However, her reach is not strictly internet folks chatting a way. It is a professional setting that expands to Naija and the African continent. So, in switching my expectations to match the non-blogger environment, she gets a u go gurl n do your thang! I ain't mad atcha!