Good Genes from his daddy al b sure!
aww check out the cool birthday present from diddy!

Ok I have to say the pictures speak for themselves! check the nice range! This will be a hit on MTV's sweet 16. Al's son looks exactly like his dad!
Check out his dad's video flashback

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Anonymous said…
all I have to say is where is his daddy?
Jamal O said…
cool Gyal.

Preciate your visit. I'm glad you like the work.

now what you know about Nigeria? :)
Anonymous said…
What a bunch of idiots, Diddy and Kim.Is he a stepdad or a mama's-baby-daddy/step-sisters'daddy. We sure know where these people have their priorities.Money,no values and no self-worth as long as the checks keep coming.
When your mother does not have self respect and she lets her boyfriend treat her like a side dish, wow, he is so going to turn out as a good black man who will treat his woman good.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Yeah ...where is daddy? I guess al b sure and diddy dont get a long... missing your own sons birthday
Anonymous said…
Who kisses their mom like that???
LJ said…
Yeah, Al B Sure has to be pretty pissed about this one. I agree with the comment in reference to Puff being a step daddy. How can he claim that title when he isn't married to Kim.

Quincy is his dad's twin. Can't ignore that fact. All you see is Al when you look at Quincy. (His fine ass!) Quincy should have identified who his real dad is - simply out of respect. I don't care what beef him or Puff has with Al B Sure.

I also agree that she has been hanging out like a side dish - ready, willing and available for anything that Puff gives and wants.

Claiming a title comes with taking on the responsibilty, respect and accountability of what comes with it.

As many kids, I'm sure Quincy looks up to his mother and Puff. It's unfortunate that Quincy may have a distorted image of what true commitment and love entails.
Anonymous said…
what i want to know is ... umm ... why is he kissing is mother like that??