Okay here we go, Big brother africa 2 finalists are listed below. I will start with the heartbreaker Richard below. Name: Richard Age: 24 Birthday: August 10 Gender: Male Place of Birth: Ilala Height: 1.77m Occupation: Student
If he won USD 100 000, Tanzanian housemate Richard says he’d spend it buying film equipment. The 24-year-old film student is passionate about making movies and considers filmmaker Peter Jackson as his personal inspiration. The only married contestant on Big Brother Africa 2, Richard would love to visit his wife’s hometown of Brandon in Manitoba, Canada to see “where and how she grew up”.
Name: Tatiana Age: 26 Birthday: March 31 Gender: Female Place of Birth: Luanda Height: 1.76m Occupation: Actress/model
Tatiana is a model and actress by profession. She has won two best actress awards in her own country, which is fantastic for a career that she loves and is good at. It’s no wonder then that she would love to visit Hollywood and meet actress Uma Thurman. A fan of Brazilian soapies, Tatiana relaxes by going to the beach and says audiences should watch her on Big Brother Africa 2 because she’s fun and entertaining though she admits that she has some bad habits. These include the fact that she believes she’s never wrong and she sleeps too much!
Name: Bertha Age: 28 Birthday: June 2 Gender: Female Place of Birth: Harare Height: 1.65m Occupation: Lawyer/PR and Communication Consultant
Bertha spent a year in the USA as an exchange student when she was 16 and says the experience taught her to appreciate and love her home country. “I was an ambassador, a student, and a teacher. I had to learn about my people and teach others about my heritage. That changed my view of Zimbabwe and of Africa….then began my love affair with my continent.”
Name: Code Age: 31 Birthday: June 2 Gender: Male Place of Birth: Blantyre Height: 1.74m Occupation: Broadcaster
Malawian radio personality and music man Code would love to visit Paris, likes weight lifting sometimes, enjoys reading music magazines, loves nature and wants to meet Al Gore because of Gore’s role in the Global Warming Campaign. He says that the best advice he ever got was from his father who told him to “brush your teeth and keep your breath fresh all the time.”
Name: Kwaku Age: 30 Birthday: June 1 Gender: Male Place of Birth: Kumawu Height: 1.77m Occupation: Self Employed (Entertainment Consultant, Brand Architect, Artist)
Ghana’s Kwaku says that it’s in the interest of DStv audiences to watch him on Big Brother Africa 2 because he’ll “keep them entertained.” He also says that he wanted to be on Big Brother Africa 2 because he felt he “had the winning qualities required.” A fan of Ghana’s Black Stars and self motivating literature, he says that if he could spend one day with someone famous, he’d pick Jay Z for a few simple reasons. “I admire his creativity and believe we are like-minded individuals
Name: Maureen Age: 27 Birthday: September 5 Gender: Female Place of Birth: Entebbe Height: 1.65m Occupation: Fashion Designer
Describing herself as playful, naughty and silly sometimes, Maureen says that going to India to study changed her life. She says that graduating from college in India was her best achievement because “the culture is so different from mine.”
Name: OfunnekaAge: 29 Birthday: August 9 Gender: Female Place of Birth: Jos, Plateau Height: 1.6m Occupation: Personal Assistant to Medical Director
Nigerian Big Brother Africa 2 housemate Ofunnekama is a 29-year-old Lagos resident who holds a BSC degree in Chemistry. The straight talking Ofunnekama says that the event that changed her life was the recent end of a relationship which she describes as “an eye opening experience

This show happens to be one of my favorites and my mum too. For folks in the US, you can view hilarious clips from the show here. So who is your favorite? Alright sleep time


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