Thanks to mona for confirming the story. Please pray for Tuface. This hurts so much, here is someone trying to lift up the image of Nigeria and this happens.

"2face was taken into theatre at 7am on Friday, and one of the doctors Dr. Emeka Onourah confirmed his condition is not critical. ‘He’s responding to treatment. He has 22 pellets in his thigh, because it was a local gun. But we’ve been able to handle the situation. We’ve stopped the bleeding too. What remains is to make sure there’s no infection, and we create a way for the pellets to expel themselves’


I shed tears when I hear news like this, it really hurts. Well for the readers who do not know who Tuface is and I am sure not many, here are a couple of his videos.

This is my favorite:

He will recover by God's grace for there is nothing God cannot do or what do you say?


Bella Naija said…
pele girl! dont cry oooo, u must be a true fan for real! lol
on the real, this is just too sad because this is the message we are sending out to the world. our golden boy, a dude that just won an international award SHOT! its sooo sad....get better 2Face!
Aramide said…
he is recovering we thank God :o)
Anonymous said…
yes Bella! i am a huge fan.thank God he is still alive and in regards to what it is showing the international world it just unfortunate that this senseless incident happened

amen to that Mona, but will he now leave the country he loves so much? well it remains to be seen
Arewa said…
This is such a shame. I read on someones blog that senators have decided to pay for him to be treated abroad.... i dunno what the hell goes on in the heads of these senators..i thought that an incident like this would actualy alert them to the seriousness of armed robberies and shootings that have now became a daily occurrance in Lagos. Its a disgrace!!