When Bill Gates applied for a visa for a recent trip to Nigeria, his paperwork hit a snag. The Nigerian government required proof that the billionaire chairman of Microsoft (MSFT) would not stay in the country and become a drain on Nigeria's social services. The company helping him with his application, travel document expediter CIBT, obtained a letter from Gates' bank that reassured the Nigerian authorities, and the visa was approved


That is interesting did not know that, what do you think readers?

Comments STUPID can we be...the person probably doesn't know who Bill Gates is...goodness...our social services...what a laugh..
Sam Oracle said…
Thatz funny.

But itz good it happened, it just shows that he won't be given any slack he's who he is.

Stuck in the throat, that does not show stupidity
Anonymous said…
@ oracle but we give slacks to even the ordinary naija what r u talking about...?
Anonymous said…
F!*king idiots! What a disgrace! Really?
Arewa said…
Yeah right. They had some nerve (Nigerian Government). It would have been thier own loss if they had denied him entry. Do they think that Bill Gates made his Billions the same way that they make thiers.. thru backdoors...shame on them!!
Anonymous said…
I don't understand what the big deal is whether you are a billionaire or a millionaire or a common man, if the process for visa application says that you have to show that you have enough money not to be a strain on the Nigerian economy so be it. What's the big deal. Let Bill Gates apply for visa the same way everybody does. I am sure that the only reason why they asked him to show additional documents is because he did not send the appropriate one in the first place.

If I have to show bank documents when I apply for American Visa then Let Bill Gates show bank documents when he applies for Nigerian visa.

Abeg jo, we are all equal in God's eyes
Anonymous said…
But we are not equal in the eyes of the typical Naija person.
The only way to get things done quickly at the Nigerian Consulate is to know someone that works there.
Talk about pple with no work ethics.....
Aramide said…
wow interesting lol! hehe
Anonymous said…
at anonymous who said:
"The only way to get things done quickly at the Nigerian Consulate is to know someone that works there."

That is such a terrible lie!

I have applied for a new passport twice at the Nigerian consulate in Ottawa and they were more than professional and gracious to me and processed my request speedily. And I don't know anybody who works there.

What does work ethics have to do with them asking bill gates for bank statement or whatever it is they asked him for.

Anyway, if people are not equal in the eyes of the typical Naija person, I know for sure people are not equal in the eyes of the typical Canadian person. Big deal.

I still think it was okay for the Nigerian Consulate asking Bill Gates for further documents.

I mean if we as Nigerians keep on complaining that people with connections in high places get preferential treatment and we look at that as bad. We should also look at foreign Billionaires getting preferential treatment as bad as well. SO let Bill Gates apply for visa like everybody else and show all the documents required like everybody else.
Anonymous said…
Bill Gates wanted to do wuru wuru to enter Naija O! Who knows, maybe he had lost his money the week before. Or what if he is trying to hide from something? Hmmm! I love Naija - they made sure they covered their backs. Because nobody wants EFCC to come for dem o!

Look ehn? Na only una wey know Bill Gates!

Plus let him apply properly with proper docs and no one will ask him too many questions. Was the list so long that he could not show common bank documents? ah ahn! That's sloppy on his part! Big guy like him could not do the right thing??

All of you "ass-kissers" if you worked for me and you did not do your work and follow procedure, you go ask Mr Gates for job because I will fire your yanshes. Maybe he would appreciate your lousiness and hire you to carry on your lousiness at his company!

Nonsence and yeyeness!
Anonymous said…
for anyone who supprot that move, yall are foolish!! vip is vip capish? what the F, he is the richest man alive...