Damilola Philips! Dayo gets my mum's blessing? what tha!!!

Oh great guess who just walked in none other than Wunmi's ex. In case your forgot! I just learned that my ex bestfriend was engaged to my ex-love or rather the love of my life. Well not anymore, I cannot believe the "ashawo" did that to me. Any way no "probs". I quickly clicked out of the website. The last thing this brother, who also happens to be my brother's best friend needs to hear is that his stupid two timing heifer of a girlfriend is engaged to my man!
I know what you are asking why in the world would I not tell him? After all, it will be good for him to know what his stupid gal has been doing.
You see the reason is Dayo really loves that stupid witch. I guess her skills in "speaking to the mic" makes this guys weak. Yes Naija girls speak to the mic even though they deny it and play "roboboshaba" holier than thou "holy ghost fire on ya".
"Nothing Dayo!" I retorted to his question as to what am I doing. You know I have always considered Dayo my second brother.
"Do you want to go to Saga 8 this evening or will Ade not let you go?" Ade by the way happens to be my brother. Of course, he would not let me go.
"Well you know the answer to that besides my mum will never ...."

"Dami! Dami where are you," I heard my mums voice. Gosh why does she yell! haba! Can't she simply come to my room. "Ha there you are, okay Dayo are you guys going now?"
To say I was shocked was an understatement. My mum asking me to go with Dayo! To where?
Okay I see this must be her ploy to get me hitched off or what?
"To the party of course Dami get dressed now.... You two do not want to be late, "
"ehmm I do not think Ade would want me..."
"I sent Ade to go buy some items for me.... Get dressed."
I noticed the slight smile on Dayo's face. Wetin be this now!" I need to get a way out of going I am in no mood. I know what to do.

(To be continued)



Bella Naija said…
Babe, I am REALLY enjoying this
its soooo funny
u've got talent...no joke