As still it was not enough that Kate Middleton's topless photos were being splashed all over the Internet well now again a Danish magazine has gone ahead and published more photographs of her but this time bottomless!!

When would it all stop

The peplum trend is still currently all the rage in Hollywood, so its nice to see both stars  love the look. Kim Kardashian was busted recently sporting a memorable bright red Lanvin peplum dress for her appearance on The View that Charlize Theron  wore a while back to perfection at the MTV Movie Awards in June. So we had to ask who ROCKED IT?? KIMMIE GETS OUR VOTE JUST SAYING

Nigeria's  first lady Patience is apparently battling Parkinson's Disease

Sahara reporters stated that
Nigeria’s First Lady, Patience Jonathan, is battling an onset of Parkinson’s disease that has complicated her recovery from a surgical procedure in Germany, several reliable sources have disclosed to SaharaReporters.
SaharaReporters broke the news that Mrs. Jonathan was flown to a hospital in Wiesbaden, Germany close to a month ago to undergo emergency treatment after a botched procedure in Dubai.

Do you like this video? by Davido Only you
by popNaijagal

Can you believe it? Just a few years ago they were mini divas, they are now all grown up! Nice!

Daily Mail reports
The 37-year-old model and former president and Creative Director for Phat Fashions was seen taking her daughters Ming Lee, 12, and Aoki Lee, 10, shopping in the upscale neighbourhood of Beverly Hills today.

However, instead of emerging from the stores with bagfuls of clothes, the trio merely perused the windows.

Nothing wrong with a little window shopping definitely loving their outfit, cant go wrong with a Hermes bag can you?
final chicago tour

The EME Crew closed the curtain on their US Tour with a TRULY AMAZING performance in Chicago. These guys (Banky W, Skales, Wizkid) HAD everyone going crazy and we have the video for you! SLV has a truly amazing voice!

Media darling Funmi Iyanda looks so stylish and Chic in this photograph! She is our Fashionista of the week!!!

Looks by Veronica shows the ladies how it is done in this amazingly cute video, here is how to dress to a wedding without upstaging the bride enjoy!
If you must say something about Beyonce, say this, she bounced back from having a baby superfast! According to daily mail,
Beyonce slipped into a slinky low-cut leopard print Roberto Cavalli dress to party with husband Jay-Z, and the evening didn't exactly look light on the alcohol.
The Crazy In Love songbird looked sensational as she left her curls tumbling over her shoulders and tottered along in black suede shoes with a giant golden platform for the event on Sunday.

Cute pics, can you believe Charly Boy is 50?? plus?

Egor Efiok aka Lady Boss With Charly Boy

Egor Efiok aka Lady Boss With Celebrant, Linda Ikeji

Looks like it was a black affair? cute!

This is such a mess, WE  HEARD ON THE RADIO, the other day, good old Wyclef Jean talking with Kojo Nnamdi in Washington DC about his life! But what we did not hear from the except was the discussion about his claiming that  Lauryn Hill apparently  told him she was pregnant for him! Just in case you did not know this, Lauryn Hill and Wyclef allegedly had an affair back in the day when they were part of the group the FUGEES!

[caption id="attachment_33015" align="alignnone" width="300"]LAURYN HILL WYCLEF AND ROHAN MARLEY photo source GETTY TMZ[/caption]

Wyclef dropped the bomb about his ex Fugees bandmate in his new autobiography ... claiming they had an affair in 1996 -- while he was married -- and Lauryn made him believe he fathered her first child, Zion David.


Wyclef "knew from jump that was my son from the day [Lauryn] was pregnant."

Not only that but Wyclef hooked Lauryn Hill and ROHAN MARLEY UP!

Lets say this only a mother knows the true father of her child! It is quite unlikely that it was Wyclef's he still sounds jealous of Lauryn Hill after all these years?? What gives???

Beautiful athletes Marilyn Okoro and Anyika Onuora cover black hair uk edition can you say beauty And brains to match

Please watch this HOLD ME BACK music video from Rick Ross shot in Lagos Nigeria. My people what do you have to say to this because honestly I am still scratching my head!!!

Is this national geographic or what?? Confused!!
This just in a hot looking Naijaguy just made it onto the top of American show the voice! yes believe it or not he wasn't even born in US! He moved to the US as a teenager. His voice is so good it's amazing ! One of-a-kind even the judges were amazed! Go ahead , watch this video below and continue reading for more! He goes by the name Nelly's Echo. His real name is   Nelson Emokpae and he is from Edo! Nice one!


We left Nigeria because of the political unrest," Nelson, 32, told host Carson Daly before performing. "Our lives were in danger."

Nelson, his brothers and his mother had to leave a wrongfully imprisoned father behind in Nigeria when the came to the United States where, he said, everything changed.

"It seemed that as we walked into the land of America, I had this distant voice of 'land of opportunity and dreams,'" he said.

Music became a coping mechanism for his family, Nelson said on the show, and 16 years after moving to Baltimore, he's a local favorite and his freed father is once more with the family.

"Nelly's Echo," he said, is "based on the premise that music is a two-way street," with the audience being the echo.

"Hopefully, you'll hear the echo," Carson him.

Nelly's Echo did, in fact, hear the echo, with both Adam and Christina vying for his favor. He wound up choosing Christina to guide him through the competition, and she couldn't have been more thrilled.

"He's a true artist," she said. "He's coming from a very creative place, and I'm very excited to see where he goes from here."
Add caption


This is not some scam post this is real, here are 99 plus companies that will pay you to work from home!! Did you know Oracle, Hilton, Jet blue and more pay workers to work from home? Check out this simple eguide just $2.99 for the book listing the companies that are paying people who want to work from home today.

99 plus Real companies that will pay you to work from home
 Perfect for women or men who want to work from home

Ushers interview with Oprah, still going on very interesting but so far here are the highlights.

Usher says before his cancelled first wedding,he was not quite ready even after spending $1 million planning for the wedding

When people show you what they are you should listen his mother told him he did not listen

He was upset that his mom could not support him in that difficult time in his life

He was hurt by the fact that his mother did not show up at his wedding!
Said he looked crazy on MTV defending Tameka! should never done that!

He said he knew it was not going to work right before the birth of his second child. Said he went to therapy to try make it work out it just didn't work out.

admits to having something with Tameka"s bridesmaid

Where were you when tamekas son was in the hospital

I miss kyle tears flow down ushers eyes as he speak

Went to see Kyle at the hospital tried to get tameka to stop the child custody case!

He says he was at the funeral of tamekas son

Says he can never be friends with tameka.

Cried on the witness stand because he was accused of being on drugs when in fact he claims he had a sinus infection that's why he canceled his Berlin tour!

He was also dealing with the death of his father at the time

Do you make love to your own music
Is a answer yes he makes love to his music he likes to set the mood and he's not a pop in pop out kind a guy ! Then at the end of his "session" his favorite song to pop in is climax! Now that says something doesn't it??

Usher look alike and star member of the Psquare band peter okoye is usually a chill guy when he comes to be tweeting but when he gets mocked for his accent that's when trouble starts!
The fan in question stupidly mocked peters accent to which he replied With this tweet

We all know that Kate Gosselin mother of the TLC show Kate +8 might just want to stay in the limelight somewhat! but now this is really not right Kate Gosselin mom eight tweets picture of 11-year-old daughter wearing high heels and showing of her legs! is there something amiss here? Will you let your 11-year-old daughter take a picture showing her legs? here's my take

Yes guess when I have a daughter someday, she will probably wear my high heels to play around, i will more than likely will not definitely will not tweet the picture to 100,000 or so of my friends of course Naijagal has millions of fans but I'm just saying I will not do it. everybody has their opinion of whats right so if that's what she decided to do good for her. might not be very appropriate that's all I'm saying
Exciting music video time how about we have some fun tonight ! well this music video definitely set the mood ! Its the weekend so enjoy dance dance tomorrow is still a mystery! I am dancing right now are you? you know what at we want you to have a good time and so yes what's next it's a video hot terribly enticing my way.  Who wants a Naijagals waist ? Figure 8 all the way!

French Closer magazine editor Laurence Pieau  made what could be taken as a suggestion that she might actually have more intimate photos than the ones she displayed for the world to see today! She said in an interview, "she said: ‘I won’t hide the fact that there are more intimate pictures that exist.’


Hey lady can princess Kate get a break, my question is what kind of Camera did they use to get more INTIMATE photographs? She alludes to the the fact that the photographs published in the closer were tastefully done. Okay, Missy if they were tastefully done  showing a happy wholesome girl then where is the line drawn between privacy in your own home and the public view?

Have you heard about Taylor Townsend? She is a 16-years old , a tennis star who not only won the Austrlian Open as a 14th seed but also won the doubles tournament with her partner Gabrielle Andrews earlier this year. Or maybe you heard her name when she won the 2012 Wimbledon Championships. However, now she’s making headlines for her  YOU GUESS RIGHT her weight!! EXCUSE ME? COULD YOU REPEAT THAT?

How ridiculous is that  she is not bloody fat at all. She looks just right for her frame and why? Is TENNIS only available to SKINNY BITCHES??? EXCUSE MY FRENCH! HERE IS HOW IT ALL WENT DOWN

Wow! Did not know princess Catherine smoked! Wonders!

Many of the grainy photos feature Catherine looking so toned that the magazine said “Victoria’s Secret angels can stand aside.”

In one, William is rubbing sunscreen on the lower end of Kate’s backside, in another the couple laugh as they lounge in chairs near a folded red parasol, in a third Catherine holds the top of her bikini across her chest, either taking it off or putting it back on.

Closer magazine said the photos were taken on the terrace of the Autet Chateau in the southern French region of Provence where William and Catherine were said to have vacationed last week.

The magazine said the chateau was owned by Viscount Linley, the son of the Queen’s late sister Princess Margaret.

The three-day holiday began at Marseille-Marignane airport on Sept. 5 and the mood was so relaxed that “Kate even smoked a cigarette between the airport’s exit and the car that was to take them toward their little paradise,” the magazine wrote

Oh my this is so grainy next time they should use better camera lenses! Okay???
Written by pop Naijagal
Wow! Did not know princess Catherine smoked! Wonders! The pictures are so grainy it's almost impossible to see any details!

But trust the French magazine closer to publish nude photos of the royal future Queen. well the globe reports

Closer magazine invited readers on its website to pick up he new edition to enjoy “the photos that the world can’t wait to see; the Duchess of Cambridge topless on a guesthouse terrace”.

Many of the grainy photos feature Catherine looking so toned that the magazine said “Victoria’s Secret angels can stand aside.”

In one, William is rubbing sunscreen on the lower end of Kate’s backside, in another the couple laugh as they lounge in chairs near a folded red parasol, in a third Catherine holds the top of her bikini across her chest, either taking it off or putting it back on.

Closer magazine said the photos were taken on the terrace of the Autet Chateau in the southern French region of Provence where William and Catherine were said to have vacationed last week.

The magazine said the chateau was owned by Viscount Linley, the son of the Queen’s late sister Princess Margaret.

The three-day holiday began at Marseille-Marignane airport on Sept. 5 and the mood was so relaxed that “Kate even smoked a cigarette between the airport’s exit and the car that was to take them toward their little paradise,” the magazine wrote.

Wow, did not know she smokes and I know it seems like I happen to be fixated on that because it's supposed to be a guilt thing but is it really that bad it of a the habit? then again we are talking about French magazine here, it's not like Princess Kate went out and started puffing all of the place far from it

By pop naijagal

Giuliana Rancicnand Bill just had a lovely baby boy! Here is the first photograph as seen in life and style magazine !Georgeous and cute , I see you looks identical to Bill what you say

Look at his dad so proud!

Awww this has to be the cutest miracle baby ever!
Giuliana and Bill Rancic cover the new issue of Life & Style with their newborn son, showing off little "Duke" for the first time since they welcomed him via surrogate last month.

"I had always heard that when you have a baby it completes your life ... and it's true," Giuliana tells the magazine. "I love my baby, and I love my new role."

The photos inside the issue were taken this past Sunday, just days after the 7lb 4oz baby was born.
We just came across this bizzare job requirement for a flight attendant with Arik Airlines! Check out the boldly highlighted.

Arik Air Nigeria is seeking to fill the position of Cabin Crew.

Job Title: Cabin Crew

Job Description:
To conduct pro-flight Cabin Checks and deliver excellent customer service in a quest to create a memorable experience whilst also making safety the number one goal.

The Role:
• Check boarding passes and direct passengers to seats.
• Advise passengers of safety regulations.
• Provide first aid treatment and assist sick passengers.
• Anticipate and provide for the comfort of passengers needing special attention, including unaccompanied children, take action in the event of decompression, turbulence mechanical malfunction, or unlawful acts by passengers.

• Prepare for emergency landings and the evacuation of passengers. Check emergency and safety equipment before each flight. Ensure passengers’ safety during flights.
• Prepare and check the catering, bar and cabin before and during each flight
• Demonstrate aircraft emergency procedures and safety features to passenger.

African culture took centre stage at an ‘Evening with Coca-Cola’, a grand event that reawakened the consciousness of hundreds of Nigerian youths and rocked their world in a sensational way. The event was the official launch of ‘A Billion Reasons to Believe in Africa’ Coca-Cola’s latest continental campaign, which took place on Thursday evening, September 6 at Habour Point, Victoria Island, Lagos. photo


Seriously how tall is MI? Every one looks great!
Read my response to this craziness after the break!

My name is LOLA and I am in my 20s. I dated Alhaji for a while, not minding the fact that he has three wives. I was only interested in getting married, and it didn’t really matter who, as long as he had money, and I could be tagged a Lagos big girl. I eventually got married to alhaji, and he promised to buy me a house, car, and startup a business for me.
I got pregnant almost immediately and moved to one of his houses.

Move over, Kimmie Cakes!
There's a new bikini'd wearing Kardashian/Jenner hot girl in town -- 56-year-old Kris Jenner. The Kardashian matriarch stripped down for the cover of Australia's New Idea, wearing a red bikini and black sarong.

Not to be out done her daughter showed off her latest lingerie sexy pose

so we had to ask this question who would you rather?
Just as we said in our earlier post, Nicky Minaj loves to play characters and her so called endorsement of MITT ROMNEY was just that role playing!

 Rapper Nicki Minaj finally broke her silence on her supposed endorsement of Mitt Romney via her Twitter account. And apparently, President Obama’s suggestion she was playing a “character” might just be right.

 She wrote: “@nickiminaj Ha! Thank you for understanding my creative humor & sarcasm Mr. President, the smart ones always do… *sends love & support* @barackobama”

Here is what the president said about the possibility that Nicky Minaj might be voting for MITT ROMNEY!

I’m not sure that’s actually what happened,” Obama said in a radio interview "I think she had a song on there — a little rap that said that,” Obama said. “But she likes to play different characters, so I don’t know what’s going on there.”


Here are our favorite wedding videos on you tube Can watch each one over and over again how about you?

Techcrunch reports

According to many customers, sites hosted by major web host and domain registrar GoDaddy are down. According to the official GoDaddy Twitter account the company is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it. Update: customers are complaining that GoDaddy hosted e-mail accounts are down as well, along with GoDaddy phone service and all sites using GoDaddy’s DNS service.
Hello readers we are team Naijagal. Who are we well we are four Naijagals who make up team Naijagal

Each of us will be writing based on our own perspective on . You have London Naijagal, writing from the perspective as naijagal in London.  Next , USA naijagal, writing from the Americanperspective. Lagos, Naijagal, based in Lagos writing from Lagos with a global perspective.   Finally, Tech Naijagal, tech guru.

Topicwill will be covering on naijagal are Technology News Celebritynews, money , pop. Culture.
This has to be one of the most hilarious pictures taken at the VMAS. If I had to put a caption on it, it will go like this.

Drake " I cannot see this guy" look

AKON " Wow I hope I am not going to get caught in the middle of this'  look

 and Chris had a, ‘If  this was a club or some other place not the VMAS, I’d guve you a beat down right here and dance all over you on spot’ look on his face

All this for Rihanna!! Wow!!
Oh it looks  like Chris Brown's girlfriend is not having it! Apprentrntly karrueche Is really really mad at Chris Brown for Kissing Rihanna at the Vmas
Here's what US Weekly is reporting:

A source tells Us that the aspiring model, 23, is "totally pissed off" with her beau of nearly a year after he congratulated Rihanna for her Video of the Year win with a very public show of affection.

"She felt the kiss was a public slap in the face," the source says, adding that Brown decided to attend the VMAs last minute, without letting Tran know. . . . "[Karrueche] and Rihanna really hate one another and Chris ultimately just does what he wants," the source continues. "Seeing him with Rihanna at such a public event made her very angry."
Oh snap it's about to be on

Jay Z definitely went all out for Beyonce's 31st birthday with a lavish vacation on a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean Sea in the South Of France. But the royal family is still relatively low key, enjoying nothing more than a glass of wine and each other's company while on board the yacht.

Guess who came along beautiful Blue Ivy, she has BEYONCE'S EYES!
Okay don't know what to say about this but according to Apple Daily Taiwan.

The five-day New Taipei City Wuhu Industry and Commerce Exhibition hall’s Furniture and Bedding Exhibition excitedly starts today, with the organizer having hired two E-cup hotties to attract people. The two of them held shaved ice and invited passing customers to relieve their summer heat, making male audiences “eat plenty of ice cream”, which was simply ‘too much excitement to handle’.

Wait a minute, are they selling furniture or bedding or Ice or.... what next hire women to test the bed? Just saying.

Swaziland is a small landlocked country in southern Africa- ruled by the continent’s last absolute monarch. The reed dance which takes place yearly is the most well-known cultural event in the country and only childless, unmarried girls can take part. The aims of the ceremony are to preserve girls’ chastity, provide tribute labor for the Queen mother, and to encourage solidarity by working together.
 Absolute monarch: King Mswati III



so let me get this straight ......You dance to confirm your virginity at 18 but then the king takes a 17  year old bride? This is truly interesting! By the way the picture  above is not of girls see their NSFW pictures after the break

Aubry, Howard University student  18 year old daughter  of  Star actor Terrance Howard is allegedly taking time off from school to have her baby and supposedly is in  her final trimester, meaning 43-year-old papa Terrence is own his way to being Granpa Terrence. She is married to a dashing Billy Gayle'

Aubry’s time off could be a little more permanent too as she recently tweeted her preference for being A STAY AT HOME MOTHER congrats

Too cute did not know he had a grown up daughter!

Ronke Ayuba, Allwell Brown and Benamaisia-Opia
Many years ago, they held sway as newscasters in the stable of the Nigerian Television Authority. They were not only the cynosure of all eyes within and outside of the premises of the television house; they held people in awe with their sense of style, charm and manner of news presentation.
Though these ladies, Sienne AllWell-Brown, Ronke Ayuba and Ruth Benamaisia-Opia, are retired from the tube, they remain glamour gals in the society.
Sienne, who unarguably led the pack of these screen goddesses, has an impeccable dress sense and aura. Many years after she bid goodbye to the cameras, she is still being idolised. A lawyer by training, she immediately set up a law firm soon after her exit from the screen- Allwell-Brown & Co. But it didn’t take long before she was appointed the General Manager/CEO, Rivers State Television. After a while, she eventually took up her current job as the General Manager, External Relations at the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Limited.

Shortly after her exit from NTA, Ruth took up a political appointment as the Commissioner for Information and Culture, Bayelsa State. The appointment was short-lived. The dreadlock wearing ace broadcaster who is married to a former chairman, OMPADEC, Professor Eric Opia, has since joined the Brass LNG as the community relations manager. Recently, she was spotted at a wedding in Lagos.

For Ronke, a ravishing beauty, there is life after NTA. Married to Senator Tanko Ayuba, a retired major-general, she was one of the tube gals you just could not ignore on account of her charm and fluent news delivery. Just some months ago, she lost her mother, Maria Dalley. This took her away from the social scene for a while but the astute businesswoman is back.

Love these ladies Icons in their own right!!!
Did they purchase new planes? We broke the news about the pilot that flew the ill fated DANA AIR plane. Well according to channels TV

The federal government has lifted the suspension of the Operating License of Dana Airlines.
A statement by the Special Assistant on media to the Minister of Aviation said on Wednesday that the lifting of the suspension follows government’s satisfaction with the air-worthiness of the airline after a rigorous technical, operational and financial audit of the airline.
With this development, the statement added, Dana Airline is free to resume its normal commercial flight operations but said that government will however continue to strengthen its oversight and regulatory functions to ensure that all airlines operating in the country, including Dana adhere strictly to safety procedures as required by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Act and all other relevant local and international regulations that ensure and promote sustainable air safety.
Okay but best believe unless they are flying newer planes, I will not be on board. Perhaps a name change, THEN... I might consider!!
Kim Kardashian reveals it takes a lot of time (and concealer!) to achieve her look in behind-the-scenes peek of beauty makeover this according to daily mail. You only need to look at the picture below to understand it is not a walk in the park. So the next time you think oh boy I can look like Kim Kardashian in five minutes think again!! It takes at least five hours!
Well it must be a world wide phenomenom as MPS in Indian resort to blows and serious punches over a quota bill! Interesting Video!
The image of MPs took another beating today when two members of the Rajya Sabha, one from the Samajwadi Party (SP)and another from the BSP, came to blows. In the melee and between two adjournments courtesy the BJP, the government tabled a bill to allow reservation in promotions for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in government jobs and said it had done its bit. 
Well that is if you believe Sahara Reporters! Here is how Sahara reporters broke the news!

Diezani Alison-Madueke, Petroleum Minister, In London Hospital
A few days after breaking the news that President Goodluck Jonathan’s wife, Patience Jonathan, was hospitalized in Germany, SaharaReporters has learnt that Diezani Alison-Madueke, Nigeria’s Minister for Petroleum Resources, is also receiving treatment in a London hospital for a serious medical condition. One of our sources disclosed that Mrs. Madueke’s condition did not require immediate hospitalization, but described it as “potentially serious.” The source, who is a medical doctor, was only willing to divulge that the minister’s diagnosis is for a condition related to abnormal cell development in her body. The doctor declined to disclose if the diagnosis was a form of cancer, but said Mrs. Alison-Madueke’s condition “assumed a dire dimension recently.” The medical source and another source close to the minister’s family told SaharaReporters that, prior to her recent hospitalization, Mrs. Alison-Madueke had made monthly medical trips to the UK. One source disclosed that she sometimes used private jets arranged by Kola Aluko, a business tycoon with whom she has business ties.
Okay Sahara, pray she is going to be okay if this is true.... Naij needs good hospitals

Yes just in case you did not know or think Davido is some poor kid who got paid in the music game think again Davido is rich beyond your wildest dreams came from a life of privilege and this music game might as well be a hobby but we we love davido though especially  in this DAMI DURO VIDEO

After the former president rebuked Abdulkareem  over his  2004 hit song ‘Jaga jaga‘ in an alleged statatement, the rapper went on a tangent, verbally attacking Obasanjo on micro-blogging site Twitter 
In this interview with Hitz, the rapper calls out the president once again and also has a few words for the Nigerian artistes who supported the incumbent government at the 2011 elections.
Says dbanj collected money from Goodluck Jonathan! Calls Dbanj his boy!'

Is he desperate for attention or what?? Does not collect money from Government with the exception of Oshiomole interesting.....Nice style on the shirt by the way

Chad Johnson  took some desperate measures  to win back  his estranged wife Evelyn Lozado by apparently having her face tattooed onto his leg! What in the world is this about??  Hopefully this was Probably drawn on with a marker  SO HE CAN ERASE IT  because this is just a lost cause or are we wrong?

The insane men allegedly behind Cynthia Osokogu’s death, apparently made a gruesome video!
A bizarre video recording allegedly depicting Cynthia being raped by her suspected killers was found on the laptop of the suspects.
In the video, supposedly Cynthia’s face and brutalized body is shown being raped, while the faces of the rapists were blurred. Aside from being tied and forcefully raped, the rapists also bit her deeply and several times in her breasts, buttocks and back.
It was also gathered that the victim’s BB was sold off. Although Cynthia’s BB has had all information pertaining to ownership of the handset flashed-off in an attempt to make pass for a brand new phone, detectives led by the Area Commander, ACP Daniel Okoro, were able to use the pin number to get the number of the SIM Card of the current holder.
If this is true then they must get the full arm of Justice! Cynthia deserves justice!