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5 reasons why Ed Sheeran is a real Naija Boy?

1. He said the word Omoge perfectly 2. he dances with style like our Naija guys 3. He likes to make his girl happy as we can tell from his songs 4. He knows how to sing well well 5. He drives us Crazy, yes we love him? Or what do you say? So happy to be back!!!!
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Breaking News!! Kim Kardashian passes the Bar!!

Breaking News!! Kim Kardashian passes the Bar!! This just goes to show you that if at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again. And yes Naijagals I am back you are welcome! Impressive!

Yes I am back! I know its been a while did you miss me?

Well I miss you so lets start things easy shall we? Well starting off lets dance Monalisa by Lojay is just too hot! Or what do you say? Must not forget vibes by Ayra Star Oh and my new favorite? Wells it a club banger! What are you up to today my fellow Naijagals? Having fun? Well I am having the time of my life!

Incredible Naijagal makes 210k in New York as a Software developer!

You know we profile amazing Naijagals and what they do world wide. So you have to check out this video! CNBC PROFILED Bukola on CNBC'S Making it! And we love it! Excellent Bukola, we will be watching and thannks for inspiring!

I am back! Guess what this blog has. a function We will uplift! No negative stories. Okay lets go fun videos for your saturday!

Thanks for sticking by me through the years. I can't believe I started this blog 14 years ago! Wow now we are going to take it to glorious heights! Okay video I am feeling! Want to laugh? Yeah You do! Did I tell you I love animated videos? Well I do so lets get it popping! Enjoy this animated video! I married a billionaire and lost my job! How hilarious! Music videos I am feeling and you will too! favorite you tube channel of the day goes to .... I love their vibe! They are such an inspirational couple I think I will call Sierra a naijagal what do you say? whats your favorite video? Books I am reading oh yes! I am a sucker for love! Women are the leaders of the future do you agree?

Tiger Woods Wins The Masters Naijagal Returns! + Monday Music

This is a very personal post. Watching Tiger Woods when the Masters meant a lot  to me . And that's why I've come back to blog. Years ago in college I was Tiger Woods biggest fan I had his posters all over my room yes I did. I loved everything he stood for. He's an amazing skill and everything. We had a contest at my job and I dressed up as Tiger Woods and won It meant a lot to me when Tiger fell off, it was almost like what happened with Naijagal but his winning the Masters yesterday let me know that you can come back from a fall. You can rise again as long as you believe it it. And that's why I'm happy to be back blogging about things that really matter to me regardless of what anyone else might think. Yes naijagal is back and ready to show the world what I can do. So starting off let's celebrate the comeback of Tiger Woods and the hottest music right now that  I'm digging yeah they are never let anyone tell you can do some things just believing you

What I am binge watching right now on Netflix or at other topics of interest!

Yes, I am back... It is not too late right? Just kidding... so here I was scrolling through what movies to binge on Netflix. What do I see? Yes, our very own Lionheart. you bet I will watch that one! Oh, and another thing... surviving R. Kelly.... it is definitely one to watch. I can't believe we are still talking about it. I found the documentary to be riveting and enlightening.  And finally, whose video caught my attention, enough to get me back to full time blogging?  Tiwa Savage!  Oh, this blog will remain original. I am foremost Naijagal. But here is what the difference is with this blog. Naijagal is global and original. I will post things I find of interest and more. And will speak from my mind. If you are looking for the same old same old, then this is not the blog for you. But if you are interested in fun fun, topics then join me and welcome back to my world. It is sure to be a fun exciting ride!