How the Lord saved me! A True story!! You have to read this!!

Hi Readers I want you to know that today you are blessed by the lord, I know the lord loves me just like that!!!

The future may seem impossible but I am living proof that anything is possible! You just have to believe!! I know my lord loves me just like that!

Here is what happened,
A few years back in Silicon Valley, I was on my way to a " supposed church" which today someone told me it was  simply a front for a cult! Yes in Silicon Valley, well  it turns out that on the way to the "supposed church", the lady who picked me up in her old beat up car smiled a started driving. I felt some thing was wrong! Like seriously??? Well, as we drove on the overpass!

The car suddenly spun out of control and flew off the ramp!!!  (Just like the one below)

.Yes no lie! I thought I was going to die!! Well  suddenly my eyes turned to a huge statue of the Virgin Mary!!  And just like that! The car landed off the ramp into a grass land below like nothing happened!!! I quickly got out and prayed!!! Yes the lord loves me just like that! Have fate, he  can  do anything. I thanked the lady and proceeded to find my way to a bus! Thanks but not thanks, I asked the lord to help me and went back to my church! Our lady of peace Mary saved me!

Here she is 

Santa Clara, California: 32-Foot-Tall Steel Mary

Mary, steel giant, bestows her well-tempered blessings on the nearby freeway traffic. - 

So believe my dears you too can make it!! I am not talking about material things, but I know the lord loves you just like that, so if you know someone who is hurting tell them I am living proof by being alive today!! Stay blessed Naijagals....

From Naijagal