The most beautiful Naijagals Mbgn see where they are today!!

MBGN Winners

The Most Influential MBGN Winners And Where They Are Now

The MBGN contest began in 1986 and since then, the pageantry has gotten over 25 winners 

A few of the MBGN winners have become some of the most popular, influential and favorite Queens of any Pageantry in Nigeria.
Take a look at the list of Naijagals who made the most influential list of Most Beautiful in Nigeria and what they are doing today!!
Regina Askia

Regina Askia
The beauty queen took over the crown from Bianca Onoh in 1989 after the latter resigned as MBGN. Regina then went ahead to become one of the most popular and sought after actresses in Nigeria in the 90s.
These days, the actress is a registered nurse in the United States and a mom to three kids.
Regina Askia 2
Bianca Onoh
Bianca Ojukwu Bianca Onoh is definitely one of the most talked about and most influential MBGN winners. After she relinquished her crown in 1989 to Regina Askia, she went on to marry her father’s friend and the man who is credited as the other half of the leaders of the civil war Ojukwu.
And even though she was seen as a sugar baby for years, she eventually held her own in politics and is now Nigerian ambassador to Spain.
Sugar baby or not, Bianca be winning.Bianca Ojukwu 2
Nike Oshinowo
Nike Oshinowo
 Nike Oshinowo is probably the most controversial MBGN winner.
But she is also one of the most influential and a list like this is not complete without her.
The former MBGN who was mentored by Helen Prest Ajayi is a talk show host these days and a mother to twin boys.
Nike Oshinowo 2
Agbani Darego
Agbani Darego Agbani Darego won MBGN in 2001.
And then she went ahead to win Miss World, making her the first black African to do so.
The MBGN winner succeeded in placing Nigeria on a map.
These days she is a fashion entrepreneur, launching her clothing line AD in 2013.
Agbani Darego 2 Omowunmi Akinnifesi
Omowunmi Akinnifesi Omowunmi Akinnifesi was crowned MBGN in 2005 and she literally is one of the most celebrated beauty queens Nigeria has ever had.
Grabbing the crown at 18, Omowunmi went to win other pageants while she was queen and became a red carpet darling during and after her reign.
These days the former beauty queen is an environmental ambassador for Lagos state and is described as having her own “ushering/hiring business” by wikipedia.
Omowunmi Akinnifesi 2 Adaeze Igwe
Adaeze Igwe
Adaeze Yobo was crowned MBGN in 2008.
The beauty queen married her beau footballer Joseph Yobo in 2010 and that came as a shock to many.
But we finally came to know Ada as one who did the unexpected.
The former beauty queen is a mom to two boys these days and still juggles her modelling career with motherhood.
She has been described many times as one of the most stylish football wives in Africa.
Adaeze Igwe
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