Peter Bello lives on, a beautiful tribute plus photos

So I have to be honest, I really could not bring myself to write about Peter Bello till today. I honestly cannot believe that life could be so cruel to take an amazing young man away at such a young age. But who are we to say why? Peter's life and tributes brought tears to my eyes and they still do as I sit here writing this. I did not know him personally but we have mutual friends and get this, they all have wonderful words to say about him.

You see, I realized from his passing that what really matters in life is  not how much money or possessions you amass, but how you touch others and how they remember you. As a daughter of doctor, I watched my father happily save lives a lot of times without getting paid for it and I wondered why? But then I realized how much I achieved from his doing so. Once, I tried to purchase a painting and they artist realized who my dad was said "Don't worry about paying for it, your father saved my life from typhoid!"

This is how I feel about Peter, oh sure, he had a lot of accomplishments (a Pilot, a chemical engineer, an artist (photography) and model etc) I could go on, but the what is most important is that he made others know they "matter". Everyone ones to feel like they matter in life. Friends, bosses and even acquaintances. Once you can achieve this, your life and how you live or lived has more value.

If I could have one wish, it will be to have Peter back to his family and friends to continue inspiring others but he lives on because many lives have changed from learning about his selflessness. Did you know some accounts claimed the helicopter could have landed on a private home, but the quick thinking of the pilot and the co pilot to change course saved the lives of many. So yes, Thanks Peter, thanks for being an angel watching over everyone and to his family and his beautiful sisters thanks for sharing his beautiful life; he will forever live on.

Photo Credit: Sync Media