Why Jonathan will floor Buhari! Reno OMOKRI wants you to know !!! #whyGejwillwin

This just in , The special adviser Reno OMokri made the statement on January 6, 2015, Tuesday, via his official Twitter handle, @renoomokri, citing many landmark achievements of Jonathan’s administration in various sectors of Nigerian economy.

Goodluck Jonathan

Goodluck Jonathan

According to Omokri’s tweet with the hashtag #WhyGEJwillwin, Nigeria which used to a polio infested nation is about to be declared polio free under Jonathan’s administration.

He also stated that Nigerians now buy affordable assembled in Nigeria Nisan, Kia & Hyundai.

Omokri added that since President Jonathan came to power, the Federal Government has signed the Freedom Of Information law but APC states refused to domesticate the law.

He added that the incumbent president has been able to give rural women conditional cash transfer if they use ante and prenatal care.

GEJ ordered the Nigerian Defense Academy to start admitting women for the 1st time, Omokri added.

Take a look at someof Omokri’s tweets that went viral on social media and gathered a lot of comments from Nigerians:

Under GEJ Nigeria once a polio infested nation is about to be declared polio free. Parents remember and they vote.