This just in, according to our favorite techie blog ogbongeblog a young entrepreneur sold his blog for millions of naira. Here is how he did it!

+Desmond Nwosu was the owner of Netmediablog for some years. He built the blog from scratch and tried to do everything right from day 1. The blog was his baby. He invested countless number of nights on that blog and ensured to maintain a certain standard and quality. He never really knew he could sell it for some millions of Naira now.
As a graduate of Industrial chemistry without a job, that blog was fetching him some monthly income especially via sponsored posts and Google Adsense. Along came this job offer he couldn’t turn down, then he decided to sell the blog because he was finding it hard juggling the two since his new job is time demanding.

After sending me the link to confirm the sale of the blog, with the price on Flippa, I requested he share his experience with us. So, below are what he said he learnt building Netmediablog and how you can also build a blog you could sell for some good money someday.

Content they say remains the king on the internet. If you ever have in mind to sell your blog someday for some good money then you have to take your content quality seriously. No one will want to buy a blog with poor quality contents. Always ensure to publish only quality contents that adds value to your blog, the type of content people will be glad to return to. Avoid copy and paste, learn to churn out original quality content on a regular basis and someday you could make some good money out of it even if your site earning is not that much today.


No one wants to buy a site he will spend huge amount of money to advertise for traffic. Getting your SEO right can make a big difference in the amount you can sell that blog someday. Obey the SEO rules and avoid all black hat or short cut methods. Build the right backlink profile for your blog via blog commenting and guest posting on other quality blogs. Naturally you will also be able to earn good backlink from other reputable sites if your content quality is good. Optimize your content to rank for the right keywords and your blog will get good search engine ranking and traffic and this could be the selling point of your blog someday.


Always measure your site analytics using the best analytics tool out there. Flippa and other site selling websites trust Google Analytics, so ensure to add analytics code to your blog today and track your analytics especially bounce rate and traffic sources. No one will want to buy a site with high bounce rate as such traffic could be from bots or paid sources. Any site buyer will want to see how your visitors interact with your site, where they go to from your site, how long they stay on your site, what they do when they come to your site etc. and all these can be tracked with Google Analytics. So ensure to add analytics code to your site and track your site behavior, use the data to improve your site where it is lacking so you don’t find it hard to sell your site someday.


Another thing a potential site buyer will consider before placing bid to buy your site is earnings. If your site makes good earnings you are bound to sell it very high but if it is not, then you may have a little problem there. But don’t worry there is a solution. Even if your site earnings is not that super, you can still sell that site for some good money. Simply highlight the potentials of the site and admit you couldn’t push it to its full potentials. Because you are not earnings well with your site doesn’t mean someone else can’t. Maybe there is something you are not doing so well.And the only way to show your site has good potential is to keep its quality high on content and traffic. Before someone decides to buy a site for some huge money, they have also seen the potential in it, so highlighting such potentials can encourage them to go on and pay you some good money for the efforts you have put into building the site over time.

Challenges most people face selling their blogs 

Some of the challenges most people face selling their blogs is how to collect their money after selling it. I know some of you have foreign PayPalaccounts with some fake details such as names and addresses. It will be risky to use your PayPal for huge transactions because PayPal may freeze your account and ask you to verify the ownership of your account.

But don’t worry, now uses a new escrow service calledPromisePay that works for Nigeria and other countries in the world. I didn’t have to Risk using Paypal as some fake buyers could demand for their money back. Escrow is the best method to get your money after selling your site provided you have a dorm account here in Nigeria. I will always recommend GTB dorm accounts though.

Advice to bloggers:
You may not have seen the future of your blogging career yet but along the line things may change and you may want to bow out of blogging, wouldn’t it be great you retire with some good money from all your blogging efforts?I hope you can follow my guide here and build yourself a blog that can sell for some millions someday. 

Some day you may have to bow out of active blogging just like Desmond have done, it could be as a result of a job or any other thing. The big question you have to ask yourself now should be “what then happens to my blog?”

What will happen to all the energies you invested on the blog, all the countless sleepless nights, all the internet subscription money and the rest? Will you just let it all die away or would your blog worth something you can sell for some good money?

Good question so we check on Flippa and here is what we found out.
The site had 10 bids quite impressive