3 easy and real ways to earn some cash today!

Okay this just in you know I like telling you the secrets to earning extra cash,  so these three little money earning tips!

1. Blog yeah you heard me right blog!
No do not go about you simply copying  what's another blog has written. That's a big no-no instead write in your own words!! you need to post a minimum of 20 post a day to gain traction. then go up to advertisers, if you must add Google AdSense on your blog. You can also get your blog for free from blogger.com

2. Go to your house and find old clothes that you no longer wear. Sell that old outfits on OLX.com or on craigslist if you live in the Diaspora. Can also sell it on the site called thred up.com

3. Create a simple product. Find a manufacturer for that product on Ali Baba.com then simply resell it online, by creating your own website. Or you can sign up for five account, sell your expertise what do you like to do. Do you like to write Sell your service there

It's just that simple