Sodas are the first thing I cut out!! Rick Ross explains his weightloss process on video!! Watch and learn!!

Rick Ross
Rick Ross recently spoke with good morning America about his weight loss and life after  weight watch the video to learn about it now 

Rick On his typical day: “I would wake up and eat my breakfast, I’ll maybe eat three eggs and some  bacon, and get ready for my workout.[]I put a twist on that CrossFit [with RossFit].”
On how he started his diet: “Sodas was the first thing I cut out. Most definitely. That was, majority of my sugar. The way I ate, you know, fast-food.”
On if his music is affected by his weight loss: “My music — that comes from the heart. That comes from my mindset. You know, after I sit down and absorb this great interview, that’s something that could come to me that I could put into a record.”
On if women miss him partying more and being bigger: Of course I had a few chicks [that said], ‘Aw, Rozay, we love [you]!’ I say, ‘You already know I still got it. Ain’t nothing went nowhere. I’m just better with it.’