Okay honestly we have all had them sometime in our life. That dreaded Micromanager boss who believes you cannot be trusted to do the work he or she expects you to do without looking over YOUR shoulders right?

Well boy do I have good news for you! Here are 5 WAYS TO MANAGE YOUR MICRO MANAGER BOSS

  1. Know what the micro manager needs be proactive about it. Understand that they did not get that way over night. Some sort of stress caused them to be this way. Once you understand that you are golden. 
  2. Show some form of empathy: you should understand that they got that way because they are under pressure from above to produce results.
  3. Be the one that gets things done on time.The one that can be relied on, this certainly helps the Micro manager feel more comfortable and in turn will help you feel more comfortable in your job!
  4. Let others know what you are doing to work with the micro manager that is effective, sharing this will not only help your collegue grow but it sure will make you seem as though you are a true team player
  5. Be gentle and non confrontational when dealing with a micro manager. Take a moment to be encouraging and you know what the manager just might surprise you with a change in behavior.