"God told her I will be her husband!!" Adeboye shared a shocking seduction story!!

“Women are usually attracted by power. Of course, this often goes hand in hand with wealth and fame.” Well said by wise men. Indeed, the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye practically divulged that he is not left out of the hunt. In a sermon entitled The Yoke Destroyer at the church’s annual convention No. 62, he identified the different kinds of yoke as physical, material and spiritual. “Holy Spirit is the only yoke destroyer. There are certain forces or challenges of life that human beings cannot solve by their own efforts except through the help of the Holy Spirit.”

During the sermon, he narrated a little story of the seduction of a female executive of the West African Examinations Council. “She said that God told her that I will be her husband. I rebuked and informed her that I am a happily married man with children. Undeterred even by the intervention of her husband and the Inspector General of Police (at that time), she stalked me to London. My threat to report her to London Police (when she phoned me) stopped her physical presence but she never stopped calling me.” 

Thank goodness Pastor Adeboye was able to avoid adultery with the help of the Holy Spirit. Amid prayer, he called on the congregation to borrow a leaf.

Source sun news