Question! Yemi Alade can you walk from Ikeja to the Island without clothes? Here is what she had to say!

In a Recent dare me questions interview on Twitter the Johnny singer had this to say!

#DareMeQuestions 6 @Yemialadee Can you walk from Ikeja to the Island naked, If you were offered $1,000,000?

Yemi Alade – Ikeja to Island?! I would have turned to mad woman by then na! It’s too far joh

#DareMeQuestions 7. @Yemialadee Today is international Women’s Day- Mention three women who inspire you?

Yemi Alade –My mum, My Grandma and Great Grandma

#DareMeQuestions 8 @Yemialadee Amongst your songs which would you do a remix?

Yemi Alade –I love them all! I’ll remix “Ghen Ghen Love!