Well as the days turn into weeks we await the safe return of our girls. Daughters cherished by their mothers taken away to GOD knows where. Who in their right mind will buy innocent girls and still sleep at night?   WHO in their right mind will kidnap a girl who is trying to secure her future In a country where girls lag behind in gaining an education.  A MONSTER, thats who!

The last thing a naijagal with a bright future ahead needs is to be told is that she should not get an EDUCATION!! One can only imagine the anguish the families  are going through for the past couple of weeks.

I imagine and think to myself what  if it were my daughter what would I do?

 I cannot even imagine the PAIN a mother who nursed her precious child all her life. The thought of despair. Mothers will gladly take the pain away from their children. Imagine the CHIBOK mothers, two weeks, your heart cut out of your chest!!

I have cried about the beautiful girls kidnapped from school!! A place where they should have been safe! Something needs to be done to bring back a mothers heart. To many they may be nameless girls in some part of the world we are not familiar with.

But I say this as a NAIJAGAL  the missing girls they are our sisters! OUR future mothers! Please find the girls and bring them home to their mothers.

I believe GOD is protecting them wherever they are and I believe he will bring them home safely. If you know anything about their whereabouts please please speak up. LETS bring back out GIRLS our beautiful NAIJAGALS!! OUR FUTURE!!#BRINGBACKOURGIRLS

stay blessed