She is pretty and ready to blow you away  with this rendition of John Legends ALL OF ME. When we say blow you away we mean it literary.

Take a look enjoy!


Okay so Naijagal is not one to profile a TV star who just got booked (turned her self in ), well whatever. The point is Porsha Williams Mugshot is SIMPLY STUNNING. Now we all know that Kenya is dating 'An African Prince" and allegedly Porsha has her own AFRICAN PRINCE. What we do wonder though is this, for some reason we pictured Kenya being a tough lady, but behind it all Porsha must have really gotten mad to have done what she did.

One thing is for sure. This whole fiasco, is a ratings GOLD for bravo. "Watch what happens" Next week and you be the judge!

Luxury dream designer Malivelihood posted photos allegedly of the wedding favor gifts guests received at President Jonathan's daughter's wedding. The gorgeous and exclusive event took place in Abuja yesterday. Apparently or rather allegedly one the gifts happened to be a gold-plated iPhone. THey look stunning!
Makeup on point and looking fresh faced. President Goodluck Jonathan's daughter tied the knot on SATURDAY and we have to say judging from the pictures she looks absolutely radiant!!

Okay so we'll be anxiously awaiting this hot new Timaya video featuring Sean Paul!


You can imagine how shocked and surprised we were to see the video  filled basically with none other then scantily dressed ladies who adorn themselves wth bikini bottoms made up of chains. I mean it is just a disaster in our opinion but some guys will definitely love this I'm not sure if you should watch it during your office hours.

When we talk about the chains I know Lisa supposedly meant to shake their derrière (bottom). But come on just because you say shake your bum bum doesn't mean you have to show it all out in chains and wiggly oh Lord!!!

Here is a tip for you Timaya in Davido's Aye video he said and I quote "shake your assets" we did not see the lady in his video taking off her wrapper to shake her assets now did we??

Perhaps I am being too critical of the video, why don't  you go ahead and watch it; you be the judge enjoy 
Our NAIJAGAL of the day is none other than Ashley Madekwe.

Ashley was born in London, England to a Nigerian and Swiss father and an English mother.[1] She attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London where she gained a BA in acting. While attending the school, she appeared in numerous stage productions including King Henry V as Princess Katherine and Wuthering Heights as Catherine Earnshaw.[2]

According to EONLINE
English actress Ashley Madekwe, 32, plays Tituba, a historical figure who was one of the first people accused of practicing witchcraft in 1692.  In Salem, Tituba is portrayed as a mysterious, seductive witch and is the servant of Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery), former love interest of war veteran John Alden (Shane West).  Ashley tells ETonline what little she can about one of her spooky scenes on the cold, stark set outside Shreveport, Louisiana and it turns out there's something she wears with her costume, underneath her warm jacket, to counter whatever evil may be lurking.
"Today is my first day shooting a creepy thing with a dead man's face," she says, "I have a special bracelet on my arm that my hair dresser gave me to ward off evil spirits, you can't be too safe!"
All joking aside, Salem certainly has plenty of dark and gory material that's sure to give audiences a stomach-turning experience.  With her powers, Tituba gains influence over Mary Sibley and introduces her to witchcraft.  Mary soon learns the startling fact that she's a witch herself and has the power to take control of Salem for her own agenda.
Check out the interview video clip below:


Yes you have seen the video,  BOSS WEDDING its gone viral. The stunning well made save the date wedding video, which we love by the way. But there is more to the lovely couple in the video and we just had to find out more.

Okay so we know Bambo is a naijaguy but did you know this?
Bambo Obaro is a Litigation associate in Weil’s Silicon Valley office. Mr. Obaro’s practice focuses on complex commercial litigation. He has participated in representing clients in the insurance, manufacturing, and banking industries in both state and federal courts and in arbitration. He has extensive experience with matters involving breach of contract, employment disputes, trade secret misappropriation, and securities fraud, as well as bankruptcy-related matters. In 2013, Mr. Obaro was named to Lawyers of Color’s Inaugural Hot List.
Yes we agree he is hot and now lets talk about the gorgeous bride to be ALSO a top lawyer Janice Jentz!!

Ms. Jentz was selected as a Northern California Super Lawyer “Rising Star”. The list represents the top 2.5 percent of up-and-coming lawyers in the state.
Ms. Jentz was born in San Diego, California. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of San Francisco in 2006, where she triple majored in Politics, Sociology, and Rhetoric Communications and double minored in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies. Ms. Jentz obtained her Juris Doctorate in 2009 from the University of San Francisco School of Law. While at law school, Ms. Jentz served as Case Counsel for the Moot Court Advocacy Program. Ms. Jentz was admitted to practice law that same year.
With a resume like that we have to say no wonder they made it  look so effortless. Many people do not know this but lawyers are actually very creative. Naijagal being one of them. I just love law.

By the way not only has the video gone viral. A lot of news outlets are taking notice of the boss wedding. Just in case you have have been living under a rock here is the video once again!!
We have all seen the terrible footage on youtube. Looked like a scene from a terrible movie, but this time it was real! Could you believe ARIK AIR flies allegedly with one engine? ARIK AIR waits till it is ready to take off to turn on the air? THANKS but not thanks ARIK. Get it together. Here is what BANKY had to say about this insane and unfortunate incident.

By Banky W
Recently, footage from a camera phone has surfaced online about the dire circumstances that passengers suffered prior to take-off, on board an Arik Air flight from Lagos to New York; I was one of the passengers. For anyone who has not seen the footage, it’s available on Youtube and various News Websites and Blogs. However, for purposes of this write-up, I will recount what happened.
The flight was scheduled to take off at about 11: 50 pm on March 31st 2014. Boarding was completed on time, and all the passengers settled in their seats and prepared for the flight to begin. However, there seemed to be a delay in operations because although the ground crew had exited the aircraft and the cabin doors were shut, we weren’t moving. The pilot announced that there was a small delay in the ground crew operations on the plane, and that we should be patient as the flight would depart “in a few minutes”.
The problem was, the air conditioning was not turned on. Midnight soon passed, and there was still no A/C, neither did it feel like we were going anywhere, anytime soon. Passengers were vigorously fanning themselves, asking for water and ice from the Crew, and doing whatever they could to stay cool and hydrated. The reality was that the heat in the plane was quite frankly unbearable.  It’s hot enough in Nigeria these days, and then you couple that with a cabin whose doors have been shut, and a bunch of people locked inside that enclosed space… suffice it to say it escalated from bad to worse very quickly.  The Captain made another announcement about how he’s “sorry for the delay, but it was due to the ground operations”, and that there was only one engine on and that was why the A/C could not be turned on yet. By now it was well past 12:30 and people were becoming extremely frustrated. Parents had begun taking the clothes off their children, children were crying, one lady looked like she would faint. Still, there was no further update on when we would take off and when the A/C would come on
Okay so here is the scoop.

You get not one but two episodes of an AFRICAN CITY below; the ladies just have a whole lot to say and they are simply amazing! Get your fix Naijagals, it is going to be one hell of a fun ride!! Enjoy

and another one

This series is on fire and we Naijagals are love it. Keep it coming, what do you say?