Okay we love this video making fun of the selfie, HERE ARE FIVE WAYS TO TAKE AMAZING SELFIES

  1.  Do have a conversation with yourself, talk yourself up about what lipstick you are wearing and the say "LET ME TAKE A SELFIE"
  2. Look across the room, make comments about people around you and how they should be wearing designer outfits and the SAY "Let me take a selfie"
  3. Choose a setting for your instagram setting! want a tan? use VALENCIA! it works and then say "LET ME TAKE A SELFIE"
  4. Look into the your smart phone's camera making sure you are at the right angle and then say "LET ME TAKE A SELFIE"
  5. Finally complain about how many likes you got call a friend up on face time ask her to take a look at it and then say "does it look ok?" LET ME TAKE A SELFIE!!!!
Next just watch the video!!!