It’s Dencia B*tches . . . "If you’re light skinned and you stay indoors a lot it’s gonna give you that pale look. .” Now featured on Perez Hilton hmm SO WHITENICIOUS!!

This African Pop Star's Skin-Whitening Cream Just Became The Beauty Industry's Most Polarizing Product!

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"This is incredible
 incredi-bleach!An African pop star named Dencia is taking heat for selling Whitenicious— a pigment-whitening cream marketed toward individuals who might be looking to lighten their skin tone."
Uhmm no Whats all this talk about bleaching your skin uh? It is just used to remove dark spots at least that is what the ad says but guess what if you feel the need to white wash your whole body with it then that is up to you. His commenters had this to say!!

As long as they do not come to look like the guys in White Chicks.. Kaaren says – reply to this 6
 But this can't be reversed. A white woman's/man's tan will eventually fade but someone who is dark skinned will forever be reminded of how much he/she hates themselves/their race. Verdad says – reply to this 7
Why is this making news now? ASIAN women do it ALL THE TIME. The majority of bleaching products for the skin originate in ASIA.
 no says – reply to this 8 I don't know what's worse…the fact that this lady bleaches her skin to that degree, or the fact that she's trying to look like Nicki Minaj with the abnormally proportioned fake tits and ass, and of course that ridiculous hair and outfit ''
Okay regardless looks like whitenicious is taking over the world next stop Washington Post! SO WHITENICIOUS!