Davido's video got me inspired to write this weekly soap opera, I hope you will read every week!


"My God why is it so hot today?" Aye thought to himself as he sloughed away working on the royal Cassava farm. Angrily he threw down the hoe. " I am tired Oh!"

His best friend Dele working by his side quipped "Aye my friend will you continue working? Do you know what today is?? The prince will be inspecting the farm!"

"and so? why is he not working on his own farm? I could use a drink right now"

"Shh...we should be grateful for this opportunity. How many of our peers are out looking for work. We are cultivating the royal farm. Dele said handing the hoe back to his friend. "Besides... his royal highness will be inspecting the farm today and who knows he might be pleased and maybe we will be rewarded handsomely!"

'If we do not die first!'

"ah ha we will not die... we do this everyday"

Next they heard drums and an all too familiar voice of the town crier! 'Make way his royal highness  the Crown prince Awo is on his way!!

Aye looked up to notice Royal guards carrying the prince in his royal carriage. Usually he arrived alone but this time was different. In another carriage next to the princes was a stunning young lady. Her hair and natural beauty was indeed striking. She could not be just an ordinary village girl because Aye noticed the way in which the prince took time to explain what the farmers were doing. In a way it seemed as though he were trying to impress her. The lady smiled shyly as he spoke. Then suddenly her eyes met Aye's. He was sure they did. He smiled back licking his lips as though he had found his future queen or at the very least his latest conquest.