Blackberry maker rim changed its name to BlackberryBlackberry maker rim changed its name to Blackberry here's why.

IN a very suprising move this morning,

blackberry maker RIM changed its name to Blackberry!

Research in motion once the top notch company in the telecom world did so in a suprising move this morning. Perhaps blackberry maker RIM changed its name to blackberry because of of its popularity in emerging markets?

Here is what the CTO had to say about why blackberry maker RIM changed its name to blackberry.
Before unveiling the software on Wednesday, CEO Thorsten Heins talked about the company's major changes over the past year.

"We have redefined ourselves inside and out," Heins said. "RIM becomes BlackBerry! It is one brand, it is one promise." The audience murmured loudly after the name-change announcement.



While I am almost certain that Blackberry maker RIM changed its name to blackberry because a lot of its uses many of which are not in the US, actually did not know

Research in Motion made the Blackberry phone!

In other news relating to why blackberry maker RIM changed its name to blackberry, the new Blackberry 10 just got revealed too!


According to CNN

The company has already said BlackBerry 10 will run on a smaller number of devices and include essential smartphone features like a much-improved camera, a modern Web browser and social-networking integration.

BlackBerry 10 will launch with 70,000 apps, which RIM executives said is "by far" the most for a first-generation platform.

Will you buy the latest blackberry 10? Or if not are you content with your current blackberry? Was the name change reallly all that important ? Would it not have been betty to focus on building amazing products? The company is certainly taking a major risk. The reason I say this is because should blackberry phones fail, then the company is forever branded with a failed name. But then again should it succeed then it will be known as a successful brand.

This is so not right! The teen heart-throb was apparently taking pictures with fans at some  event in Miami when he seems to have casually placed his hand underneath the girl's boob, his other arm wrapped gently around her shoulder.
The girl in question is seen smiling awkwardly in the image - which was later posted in a photo gallery on his fan club website BieberFever.Com before being removed.
Hmm and we wonder why it was removed! Selena come get your man!!
HE Looks great for 31 +29 I mean check out the pose! Love him or hate him this man lives life on his own terms!
Music perfection from HOUSTON!! LOVE IT!!

Yes oh Naijagal is burning!!! Love this!

Hmm are we speaking from experience? Nice one!
This is a must watch video! Naiija runs girl in London HILARIOUS!!

Love it what do you think?

ShakiraShakiraCredit: Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty
It's a lovely baby boy for Shakira! The Colombian singer welcomed her first son with boyfriend Gerard Pique on Tuesday, Jan. 22, in Barcelona, her rep confirmed to Us Weekly
"We are happy to announce the birth of Milan Piqué Mebarak, son of Shakira Mebarak and Gerard Piqué, born January 22nd at 9:36pm, in Barcelona, Spain," the proud singer wrote on her site, explaining that "the name Milan (pronounced MEE-lahn), means dear, loving and gracious in Slavic; in Ancient Roman, eager and laborious; and in Sanskrit, unification."

"Just like his father, baby Milan became a member of FC Barcelona at birth," the site stated. "The hospital confirmed that the couple's first child weighed approximately 6lbs. 6 ounces.

Cute just the perfect size!

Inaugural ball gown for Michelle Obama designed by Jason Wu

Inaugural ball gown for michelle obama designed by Jason Wu once again

was a hit tonight at the ball. The inaugural ball gown  for Michelle Obama designed by  Jason Wu once again   featured a red flowing over the shoulder dress.

This gown was decidedly a departure from her previous inaugural ball gown. In 2008, the inaugural ball gown for Michelle Obama designed by  Jason Wu in 2008 was a white one shoulder ensemble.Today President Obama at the Presidents  ball looked very much in love with his beautiful wife. The impact on this designer by making the inaugural ball gown for Michelle Obama  designed by   can be said to be life changing. The designer is set for life.

Jason Wu the previous designer is set for life with a line for Target. He is now a multi millionaire thanks to being known for being Michelle Obama's inaugural ball gown designed by Jason Wu.

"President Obama said he has a got a date she inspires him everyday. She makes hima better man and president. He gave kudos to her as he introduced her.

Jennfier Hudson sang the presidential dance song. It was very nice and smooth. She sang a rendition of lets stay together. From the look of it they will definitely be doing so.

The designer will naturally be one of the most sought after. Jennifer Hudson did an amazing singing song. The dress was  very understated. The bright red color was to make a statement as to here I am.  She looked very modern. The dress absolutely showed off her beautiful arms.

She looked ABSOLUTELY STUNNING AND JASON WU IS ONCE AGAIN SET FOR life big time. He is going to make a lot of money. Every magazine cover right now is going to show that red dress on their covers. The dress is really flattering. The red color is a sign of optimism. Jason Wu's business is set to soar in the upcoming weeks and years to come.
Kim kardashian in Abidjan? Well if that was not a surprise to many then one might wonder, what is the significance of Kim Kardashian in Abidjan? Well for starters having Kim Kardashian in Abidjan signifies to the pop culture world that Africa and in particular Ivory Coast can hold its own.

Why was Kim Kardashian in Abidjan?

Well here is the reason why Ivory Cost got to see Kim Kardashian in Abidjan.

Kim kardashian tweeted this her first morning in Abidjan. She let her fans know the reason why she is currently in Abidjan.
"In Africa, doing a Tracy Anderson dvd in my lingerie bc I forgot workout clothes! @jOYCEBONELLi thinks I’m nuts! LOL” the 32-year-old pregnant reality star "

Okay maybe this was not the reason why Kim Kardashian ended up in Africa with photos and videos splashed all over African tweeterville. Perphaps the real reason for having Kim KARDASHIAN OVER IN ABIDJAN was simply her compassionate nature. She wants to help the poor children in Abidjan. The reason we say this is because she tweeted:

18hKim KardashianKim Kardashian ‏@KimKardashian Just left an orphanage here in Abidjan and met some of the sweetest children ever! ♡♫

How so very thoughtful of Kim to help the children of Ivory Coast. Here are photos of her arrival  in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.


Kim-Kardasian-In-Abidjan2 kim kardashian in Abidjan NaijagalKIM KARDASHIAN IN ABIDJAN

Aww nice! Now could partying  be the  real reason she decided to visit Ivory Coast? Did she get paid big time from Africa's Oil rich nation? What was her appearance fee? Check her out singing her heart away at a night Club in Abidjan.


What we need to know is who invited her to Abidjan. Usually it is the talk of the town when a celebrity as big as Miss Kardashian steps into the beautiful continent. So we decided to find out what from the local folks in Abidjan. According to the local papers she came to help the local Orphanage? Well here are photos from her visit yesterday to an Orphanage in Abidjan.

kim kardashian in abidjan

Glad to know Kim Kardashian is doing the world a lot of good right? Well the truth is she was paid Millions by sim card Manufacturer MA LIFE and why not? Thanks Abidjan!


Toke Makinwa is back with a video blog post and this time, it’s all about “5 Signs You Are A Side Chick“!
Whether we like it or not, the “Side Chick” phenomenon is very real all around the world including Nigeria. Have you ever heard any lady say, “I just found out my boyfriend is getting married”? And there are also young ladies who know they are side chicks but do not mind being that. 

So, IN THE WORDS OF TOKE, here are some ways to know if you are a side chick!
  • He doesn’t answer your calls
  • He is MIA during weekends and public holidays
  • He doesn’t want to label your relationship / He hesitates to introduce you to people as his “girlfriend”
  • He is not worried when you cancel set date plans
  • He only pays you physical compliments

NIYOLA is certainly hot in this new fashion pic, did you know that she was the first female artist signed on the EME record label? Well that is why we call her their queen bee! Not only that she also got verified on twitter hotness alert!!

It must the in thing to spoil your wife this valentine's period well lets just say Iroko TV BOSS JASON NJOKU just got his WIFE Mary Remmy an early valentines gift here it is!

Hmm must be nice!!

E.M.E  This is the seventh single off  the EME ALBUM EMPIRE MATES STATE OF MIND!! SKALES is definitely the one to watch this year love it!!!
According to QQ
December 21, Du Guanghua, a businessman who ran a steel wire mesh business in Zhejiang Yongkang City Hardware Town, apparently  invited his employees to spend the Winter Solstice by having dinner together. 

When an employee supposedly drank too much alcohol lost his footing while relieving himself by the river, billionaire boss [employer] Du jumped into the river to rescue him, but unfortunately perished. December 25th, quite a few city residents came to the scene of the incident to offer flowers to Du Guanghua.

Of course you do unless you were not born in the 90s well here is what they looked like back then!

Here is what they look like now!

Check this video out can you do it?? This man catches a fish with his bare hands!!! HIS WIFE IS SCREAMING!! NA BY FORCE?????

Here she is you tell us OMOTOLA good genes or good docs??

Superstar actress from way back when and now Pic thanks to that1960chick. So what is it good genes or good docs?
You have got to be kidding me this is from the just concluded men's fashion week in London. Here are the worst looks!!! Hmm how would you like your frilly skirt?

Mini dress is in are you?

I bloody well ran in to a fence cant you tell??

Be honest will you wear any of these outfits????
This just in Shawty Low all my baby mamas show on OXYGEN has been ALLEGEDLY cancelled!!
That truly sucks another crazy guilty pleasure gone!! Lol!

Kai well Kim can dream though but we doubt Kris Humpries is going to let the divorce happen any time soon. Here is what she said today. As much  she would hope to be divorced soon, she is hoping to get through the process soon or later!! Lets hope it is not later!!!

VJ Search Nigeria: Fresh Flex's Audition from MTV Base Africa on Vimeo.
Facebook just made their mystery announcement!! They are not indexing the web. They are indexing their map of the graph, which is really big and constantly changing. Almost a million new people every day. 240 billion photos. 1 billion people. 1 trillion connections."\

Graph search is designed to take a precise query and give you an answer, not give you links that might provide the answer” For example, you could ask Graph Search “Who are my friends that live in San Francisco?”

You can search for all your friends in Sanfranciso and it will show you their pictures and more!

Facebook has completely replaced its top blue bar with a search box and an 'F' logo

Yes just saw the show NBC morning show where she announced with Kourtney by her side that her baby is due in JULY!!! Isn't that amazing the royal princess of england Kate Middletons baby is due the same month and Realty show royalty princess baby is due the same month!! Check out the video below where she makes the stunning announcement and remember you heard here first on Naijagal. Some people reported June but she confirmed that it is JULY!
Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy



The audition for the MTV Nigeria VJ Search which took place last year December 1, 2012 at Fantasy Land in Ikoyi, will begin airing tonight at 6:30 PM on MTV Base (Dstv322) and on Thursday January 17, 2013 at 6:00 PM on STV. Catch all the excitement as Funke Akindele, BankyW, Toolz & Tim Horwood decide who will be the next MTV VJ 

So what should you expect tonight? Watch this video. And in case you miss it, you still get a chance to watch it on Thursday January 17 at 6:00 PM on STV. Check out more pictures here.

That's all for now. Keep enjoying your week. Cheers!

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oh my Lance Armstrong admits to "using  drugs to win the tour de France decades ago to Oprah!!!!! This comes months after he denied that he used drugs to win his seven tour de France bicycling titles just so sad!!!!

By the way is Oprah the world priest now ? Every one confesses to her these days!!!
Could some one please send down the rain!!!!
Nigeria’s reggae legend, Majek Fashek who is currently being managed by A-Plus Entertainment, a record company which rehabilitated him last year is hospitalised at the moment.
He was allegedly abducted recently by one of his friends who wanted to lure him into signing concert deals outside the shores of the country.
The CEO of the outfit, Hajia Oluremi Dangaji disclosed this ugly development to Showtime, during the week.
According to her, Majek who was due to drop his latest album this week, disappeared from his Gowon Estate apartment since last December without traces.
However, after futile efforts to trace his whereabouts, the reggae legend  resurfaced few days ago, loo
king haggard, weak and pale.
Narrating Majek’s ordeal, Hajia who claimed that her company had spent over N35 million to get the reggae master back on his track, said “This meeting is meant to formally intimate you with my company’s project with superstar, Majek Fashek whose latest album is finally ready for the market.
Unfortunately, just as we were getting ready for the release scheduled for this month, we got a shocker during the past holidays that he had been kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination by people suspected to be enemies of progress.”
“While the nightmare lasted, Majek’s former manager called to inform us that he was hospitalised in Lagos. But later, we found out that he was whisked away by one of his friends, to Ghana, who wanted to force him to sign concert deals outside the shores of the country without the consent of his management company.”
Haija said, while in Ghana, Majek’s conscience did not allow him to do the bidding of his captors, as he decided to return to the country.
At the moment,  she said, Majek has gone back to his old lifestyle. “He has become a shadow of his old self, breaking bottles and behaving very abnormal.

Malik Obama, president Barack Obama's older half-brother, announced he will run for governor in the Kenyan county of Siaya.
The elder Obama announced his candidacy as an independent in a rally on Sunday.
"Siaya county is facing a lot of problems from poor infrastructure to poverty due to bad leadership. I will change this if elected,” Obama said.
Kenyans will head to the polls on March 4 to elect a new president and parliament as well as regional representativess. Kenya is hoping to avoid a repeat of deadly post-election violence that broke out after a national vote in 2007. Fighting over the 2007 election results left hundreds of people dead and displaced hundreds of thousands across the country.
Violence related to the upcoming election has already erupted this year, however. Abbas Gullet, the head of the Kenya Red Cross, warned that by August 2012 at least 200 people had already died in pre-vote violence.
"It's about governorship, it's about senator-ship, it's about members of parliament, and women representative, and boundaries of communities that have co-existed for centuries," he said. Gullet added that two out of the four Kenyan elections since 1992 have been marred by violence.

Banky loves instagram and why not when you have a really cute family!! Here he is with his other brother, may we say, good genes!!!

We have to say we love the look just like we love PSQUARE!! Cameron is absolutely adorable!! Peter posted the picture on instagram aww we love!!
This is a favorite show of mine enjoy the full episode from last nights show! Get to see Nene and the rest of the gang of "HOUSEWIVES" boast about her move to LA as usual crazy!!!

Click the play button in the middle of the screen okay enjoy!!! Read the full recap on

The beauty sent out this tweet about the scar on her right thigh! Crazy hope she got compensated for it! She is gorgeous by the way!
THEY ARE SIMPLY AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! The search for the Face of Nigeria omo9ja 2013 is on, are you a Nigeria female between the age of 16-27, 5.6ft this is your chance to represent Nigeria. There will be Audition in Lagos, Delta, Owerri, Enugu, Abuja and Portharcourt. PERUVIAN INDIAN HAIR, PLEASE APPLY RIGHT NOW!!

With his screen twin brother, Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki) already married and expecting a first child with Nneoma, his darling wife, Osita Iheme famously known as Pawpaw is quietly crying and eagerly searching for a wife and soul mate this New Year.
And to prove how serious his search for a life partner is, the Nollywood phenomenon has taken his case to God in supplications.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with EE, the Imo State-born entertainer who was raised in Aba, the commercial nerve centre of Abia State, disclosed that he would like to settle down this year with his missing rib.

“But the challenge is that I do not know whom to marry. I’m not really searching per se, of course, I have many female friends and fans. Some of them intimate, but picking the person I will spend the rest of my life with is what is delaying my settling down. God will help me decide soon, because with Him all things are possible.”

On how soon he is expecting to hear from God on the choice of a life partner, Iheme, who still laments the death of his dear father, refused to give details.
Best dressed stars in our opinion at yesterday's golden globe awards were:

Kerry Washington, perhaps because we are just partial to her because of our favorite show SCANDAL!!!
Kerry Washington came out Decked out in a rhinestone-embellished semi-sheer nude Miu Miu dress, she proved that she’s very much on a roll.
Opting not to go the frothy princess route, her modern look with a sleek silhouette was styled with nude Prada pointy pumps, a satin Prada clutch and a diamond Fred Leighton bracelet. Very much like Olivia stone
Flawless makeup and a shoulder-length lightly highlighted ‘do completed her look.
And Halle berry!!


If you need any indication that Big business Nigeria is definitely booming; then look on further than London. What is the correlation between Business Nigeria and London you may ask? Well it all has to do with the rise of big Nigerian spenders in exclusive shops all around London this past holiday season.


Thanks to Business NIgeria, the country has surprisingly become a major contender in recent times as a big spender in the international market. Nigerian international shoppers surpass even the United States  as a top spenders in London. Nigerians rank third in top international money spenders List in the UK. Falling just right behind China and the Middle East(according to the CNN report).

According to the UK's Office for National Statistics,
Some 142,000 Nigerians visited the UK in 2011, spending an average £107 ($172) per day. From January to September last year, Nigeria's tax-free spend in the UK grew by 11% year on year, according to tourism services provider Global Blue.

The trend has not gone unnoticed by UK retailers. Some of which have responded by tailoring their offerings to their growing Nigerian customer base.

"More recently we're starting to introduce a lot more niche brands," says West. "We've worked in collaboration with some very popular Nigerian brands," she adds. "I think it's not only important to demonstrate we can bring the big brands such as Louis Vuiton and Chanel, but we can also really appeal to more of a niche market too."

What is even more interesting about business Nigeria moving into the UK is terms of a partnership. There is a partnership between Selfridges and Creative development agency Style house files.

This is because selfriges aims to get a better understanding of their customer. In the case of style house file designers, it will give business Nigeria  fashion designers a further link into foreign customers. That is why they have instituted the Ndali fashion sector at Selfridges.

According to Punch!

His steady rise in the entertainment industry, specifically in the comedy business has been as a result of his versatility and dexterity at being able to churn out comic materials from everyday happenings. No doubt, things are definitely looking up for Bovi Ugboma, one of the most brilliant comics around as the comedian who has since spread his tentacles to the acting world has joined the growing number of entertainers who own Range Rover SUVs.

The Delta State born indigene who came into lime light via AY’s ‘Who wants to be a billionaire,’ a comic replication of the original show, ‘Who wants to be a millionaire,’ launched his used car shortly before the yuletide season to the surprise and admiration of many.