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[caption id="attachment_33075" align="alignnone" width="300"]krim children photos Lucia and Leo Krim were killed by their nanny on Thursday. Photo credit: LiveJournal[/caption]

This is so sad on so many levels! Apparently  Pediatrician mom, Marina Krim walked into her W. 75th St. apartment at about 5:25 p.m. and found  what had to be the most gruesome scene ever: her 6-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son lying motionless in a blood-soaked bathtub, each sustaining multiple stab wounds, while their nanny laid on the floor with her throat slit in an attempted suicide.
The nanny Yoselyn Oterga, is currently in custody in critical condition. What really also makes this so upsetting is that Marina was an excellent mom who took her three year old daughter to swimming lessons when this gruesome murder occurred. Her husband, a CNBC digital executive was on a plane returning home from California when the attack occurred.

According to the New York Daily News,

On the floor beside them was the kids’ critically injured nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, and the kitchen knife she used to carry out the heinous attack, police said.

Krim, who had just arrived home with another child, her 3-year-old daughter, immediately started wailing — her piercing shrieks echoing outside the eight-story building known as La Rochelle.

The children, Lucia and Leo, were pronounced dead at St. Luke’s Hospital. The 50-year-old Ortega, who was so close to the Krims that they spent time with her family in the Dominican Republic, was taken to Cornell Medical Center with wounds to her neck and throat. Ortega, who has not yet been charged, was listed in critical but stable condition.

This is so sad, the mom even had a blog life with the krim kids and had just posted on the blog less than three hours before the crime. We pray for the kids in this tragedy

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So yesterday I got shivers like I have never had before. The reason for my shivers just so happens to be a new song by African/Nollywood superstar sultry actress Stella Damasus. I mean I just have to say this, she is an amazing singer! No need for autotune like some others out there. Well do not take my word for it, listen to the song yourself and you tell me what you think!

Wow she's now a musician?? talk about major autotune? superstar NOLLYWOOD actress Tonto dikes new song is enough to drive us back to full time nonstop blogging
Abeg please stop!!
Don't take our word for it just listen
She goes by the name britpopprincess on facebook. What you do not know is that she is a gorgeous Naijagal; her videos have inspired a lot of her viewers including yours truly. Whether she is talking about pastels or fashion style or makeup tips, she draws you in! Her channel has over  110000 subscribers. She makes money from advertising, sponsorships etc we love her!

Here are a couple of her styles we seriously love! Starting with the hair! Love the natural braid style.

Hi Naijagal readers lot has been going on, we have followed the events as they unfolded regarding the brutal murder by lynching to the the four Port Harcourt students. Well today we came across a PMNEWS article stating what we already suspected, that the boys did not steal rather they were to collect money owed them and sadly lost their lives in the process!

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This is exclusive and inspiring!



Born and raised in Nigeria! A true Naija gal.

If you don't know this name, you should definitely take note. Toks is a lead character in ABC's new sitcom "The Neighbors". Toks is a true Naijagal, she grew in Nigeria and carries herself with grace and poise.

She is incredibly funny and witty, so if you haven't watch her show, please ooohhh, make una watch am :) Toks kindly gave an interview on the set of her new show (youtube link below by dirtyandthirty). We love you Toks, keep up the good work.

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If you believe hollywood life here is how they described Rihanna and Chris Brown hookup at a club!!

After being locked in a bathroom for more than 30 minutes with Chris and two bodyguards outside on lookout, a disheveled Rihanna emerges with a smile on her face, as if she’d had the time of her life. A source tells EXCLUSIVELY just how happy Rihanna is! “It’s on and cracking” between Rihanna and Chris Brown, as one source exclusively reveals to, as the off-again, but now clearly on-again, couple engaged in a “raunchy” bathroom encounter on October 2 at Griffin nightclub in NYC. “We got there, she saw him, thought he looked good and she wanted to push up on it. She took a hit and had a drink and it was on and cracking,” a source exclusively reveals


Okay we had to ask this question what are they doing and where does Chris  Brown's girlfriend  Karrueche

stand in all this?? And will you go back to your ex if you were Rihanna??
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Oh sure you have heard the crazy headlines! Women are not interested in Technology. Women are no where to be found in the lucrative land of Tech. Its an all boys club, once she  starts heading towards a higher c level executive position, the tech female executive bows out! Hogwash!  Say it again HOGWASH!

I fell in love with Tech back in the late 90s,  growing up in Silicon Valley. Perhaps that is why today I have a totally different perspective on how things work. I hand coded first html website in 1997 and it simply said with a graphic " Women will rule the world in Technology". I sat fascinated by what was to become an amazing transformation, from the crazy excesses of the dot com era to the rise of  the social Networks.

I recall listening to an instructor who doubted women sites like I VILLAGE at the time as nothing more than a waste of expensive server space. Notwithstanding  he also took aim at sites like THE WEDDING CHANNEL  which by the way ended up getting sold  to the KNOT for millions! So do not listen primarily to the media about women not wanting to be in Technology. Here are five things you did not know about the RISE OF WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY.

  1. One in every job in the Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) field are held by women

  2. Women in STEM jobs earn 33% than women in comparable non stem jobs

  3. The wage gap in STEM  careers is 7% LESS in the STEM field

  4. Women are starting businesses at a rate of 1.5x the nation average

  5. Venture capital firms with just one female partner are 70% more likely to invest in business co-founded by women!

Take a look at this infographic from MBAONLINE

So there you have it, oh and by the way, that waste of space site called IVILLAGE sold TO NBC  for $600 Million. What are you waiting for get into Tech now ladies and Get paid.


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Tech Maven and CEO of yahoo gave birth last night to a baby boy, a week before her due date! Her husband Zachary Bogue tweeted all about it writing: 'Baby boy Bogue born last night. Mom (@marissamayer) and baby are doing great- we couldn't be more excited!'

Interesting name wouldn't you say? Now here comes the question will she actually get back to work right away? You know it is one thing to say yes but once you have a baby in your arms it becomes a little difficult.


A lot of  Girl geeks in high positions have not found it easy getting back into the swing of things. Sure you can outsource, the diaper change work the cleaning and all that to your bevy of nannies or aupair or what have you. But there is still that need for bonding with your baby.

If you recall, she spoke about the prospect of having a baby saying

'My maternity leave will be a few weeks long and I'll work throughout it,' the expectant mom told Fortune at the time.

And accoring to daily mail
Yahoo executives were aware that she was with child when they interviewed her, and she said that their decision to go ahead with her hiring 'showed their evolved thinking'.

Just days after her hiring, Mayer tweeted a picture of a layette set filled with Yahoo! themed baby gear that the company's communications team sent her. Whether or not she will choose to dress her little boy in the yellow-and-purple outfits that are clear ads for the company is another guess entirely.


As she proclaimed that her newborn would not slow her down, her pregnancy didn't either and she attended the San Francisco Symphony Opening Gala just two weeks ago.
Perhaps she will do herself a great service to take a little time off to focus on Bogue. Yahoo will understand plus it will serve as a precident of  what could be. Mothers can get FLEXIBLE work arrangements  that will allow them to be mothers and at the same time top performers in Technology. Or what do you say?