Okay so in this day and age when you hear of companies like facebook going public, you might just be thinking to yourself how do I get in on this gig? Well, as a fellow girl techie and might I add a fashionista. I am going to honestly break down three ways in which you can get a tech job without a technology degree. No need to lie that you have a computer science or information systems degree.

Here are the three ways.

  1.  Learn How the Web Works and why it works  Get a book, learn to code you do not need to be an expert you just want to know enough to make informed business decisions. Did you know the founder of Instagram Kevin  taught himself to code at night while working in a marketing department?

  2. Take a job within your company that has you learning technology. This one is  my absolute favorite, I know a girl who started out in human resources took a job as a developer and then next thing you know she became a database administrator. True Story

  3. Become an Innovator. By this we mean write about the technology in which you are interested in, go to events share your thoughts on the technology. It is as simple as starting a blog talking about certain technology and how it works. For example if your interest is in MYSQL why not start a blog create posts and write about what you find interesting about it.

Thats it for not do you have any other ideas?