The ultimate wealth status symbol phone titanium $329000 handset could be yours!

Okay it's time to get rid of your vertu phone. I know we talked about the Vertu phone taking over from the  BlackBerry Porsche but it is out of style What is in  style  though is the Thomas Pruvot phone, called Celsius.

The ultimate status wealth symbol. This phone retails for a mere $329,000. it is a combination of sapphire crystal handset and it features a mechanical watch it's crazy it's amazing.

Bloomberg report writes
Together with a childhood friend, Pruvot envisioned a luxury phone that would fuse modern technology with centuries- old Swiss timekeeping. The resulting startup, Celsius X VI II, developed a limited-edition titanium and sapphire crystal handset featuring a complicated mechanical watch that retails for 250,000 euros ($329,000).

Going after the luxury market, although the price point can be in the thousands of dollars, you sell very few units,” Milanesi said. “It’s really a niche market.”

Celsius says it plans to stay focused on mechanical ingenuity rather than number of functions. It also wants consumers to become as attached to their handsets as they are to their watches.

“We want to be the Rolls Royce -- you keep it, most of the time, for your entire life,” Meylan said. “Maybe you don’t have all the functions, but you have the best and most useful ones and it’s extremely reliable.”


There's also a phone call the chairman but more on that in out next post. would you buy this handset,  it's just $329,000, not a big deal right? Will you buy this phone?