Okay this post a favorite wealth Enterprise post; why? The reason is everyone wants to know how to build wealth. Building wealth takes time, it is not in an instant. That is where Monalisa Okojie comes in.

She has built wealth from the ground up with her jewelry line, Nef. She has a line up of stars who buy her jewelry including  Now she is venturing into the Nigerian market to continue design empire!

Nehita jewelry is an amazing business built from the ground up. One day at a time. Halle berry is a big fan of hers.
The Nehita jewelry line embraces worldwide design trends combining luxurious and vibrant precious stones with white, yellow and rose gold to create timeless yet unique pieces. Not only creating stunning designs for Women from cocktail rings to delicate necklace and earring sets, Monalisa also turns her passion and talent to designing jewelry for Men. Dog Tag pendants, cross chains, Rings and Cufflinks allow men to enjoy the classic designs of Nehita as luxury pieces. The entire Nehita collection includes Women’s and Men’s ranges as well as Gifts and children’s selection, custom designs and wedding jewelry.

Nehita has been supported and affectionately worn by A List stars such as Whitney Houston, Natalie Cole, Alan Cumming, Malina Moye, Michael Henderson, Lil’ Kim, Sally Pressman, CCH Pounder, Lu Parker, Katherine Joosten, Meagan Good, Lisa Raye to name but a few they all love the timeless, unique quality of the pieces which form to be part of their personality.

Not bad right? How are you building your wealth? Naijagal wants to know