How the 1 billion dollars Instagram deal went down in silicon valley could your startup be next?


How's the billion-dollar deal went down
this is how the deal went down with Instagram  and Facebook . Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg went in  all alone to purchase the Instagram  deal , yes This is how it went down.

The Wall Street Journal reports that zuckerberg went in all alone  talking with instagram ceo and not involving his board at all. The  cool thing about it is that Zuckerberg could do it without involving the Facebook board the reason being that he had 57% of the shares.

This is where Yahoo failed when they tried to buy Facebook a little while back when it discounted the price to 1 billion price that everything are you try to awestruck by 20% because of yahoos falling revenues.

This is where Zuckerberg is different , he realized the value of 1 billion while Yahoo failed to purchase Facebook because they discounted the  offer amount by 20% . This time around the offer was right at one billion. Apparently the CEO Of instagram offered Instagram  at 2 billion  and Mark Zuckerberg countered with $1 billion. How cool is that ? how about you . do you have a start up idea tell me about it I will profile it on  here.