Build Wealth with your blog: How Affiliate Marketing works!

Say you tried to make money online, you may probably have come across the term  affiliate marketing. It’s one of the most popular methods of marketing and making money on the internet. Before you decide that you’re interested or you’re not, it’s important that you understand the process. Keep reading to figure out ‘what the world is affiliate marketing and can I run it from anywhere in the world?’

Here is the catch with affiliate marketing, you need not have  your own product. You simply sell someone else’s. The person in which you are selling the work has already invested their time, their money, and their brain power to create an awesome product that they feel is good enough to earn sales. This makes it easy for you to skip the crazy process of creating your own product and instead focus on the selling part; something you can’t avoid if you plan on creating your own products. The great thing with affiliate marketing is that there are so many marketers who want affiliates to sell for them that you can choose from a huge variety of products. This makes it easy to sell something you believe in or something you are somehow related to. For instance, if you like to collect things, you could market a book about antique or collectible items.

In order to start selling a product, you need to find some to choose from. Many affiliate marketers use companies like, which brings together product creators and affiliate marketers. You’ll find that each product has a listed commission rate. You might make 50% of a sell or you might make more or less, depending upon what the project creator has decided for the commission. You’ll be able to choose from products with a wide range of prices as well.


Once you’ve chosen the product, you’ll get your own affiliate link, so when you post the link and someone follows it and makes a purchase, the purchase is tracked back to you. This is what enables you to make your money. You’ll use blogs, articles, websites, ads and other methods to sell that product. Your link will be placed on whatever platform you’re using and those who are searching for the product will find it, click on the link, and be taken to the page where they can purchase it. You will make money for each sale you make and sometimes, you can make money for leads as well.

Affiliate marketing has a lot of benefits, mainly that you can easily get started selling and marketing very quickly. If you want to invest in ads, you can start making money almost immediately with this method. You can also use free methods to market the products, but it may take a bit longer to start making money. Affiliate marketing is a great solution for those who want to make money online but don’t want to create their own products to do it.

Have you ever tried affiliate marketing? How did it work out?