Just when you thought your brand new Ipad 3 was the coolest thing since sliced bread. Apple plans to launch a whole new Ipad called the Apple Mini

Yahoo reports
Apple plans to launch a new entry-level iPad tablet in the third quarter that will aim to draw attention away from the impending onslaught of Windows 8 tablets, a recent report claims. Chinese-language news site NetEase on Monday claimed that Apple’s “iPad mini” will be introduced during the third quarter this year. While details were limited, the report stated that Apple will have as many as 6 million units ready for launch, all of which it will likely need if the rumored price point of between $249 and $299

Will you buy it? We definitely will. A much smaller version of the Ipad, it just makes perfect sense to continue the ipad cult; which I have to say I am a huge part of.  How important is it for you to own an Ipad? Let us know.