Jason Njoku (badass startup $8million dollar man)!


By Isy Coker

jason njorku naijagal

This article was originally posted in TechAfrican.com
This is just so amazing. if you recall, Condo daily editor-in-chief Sarah Lacy took a trip to Nigeria and Met with Jason Njorku. it's no surprise that he was the one who took her to Alaba market, when she says machetes were drawn against her. now we know , CNN journalists and others from the New York Times of been trying to reach Jason, not to write about his successful enterprise but to get what they call the machete experience yes they're crazy like that.RigiWell the article that she wrote made a tremendous impact and lots of reporters and investors want a piece of the company and guess what ? Iroko tv has raised over $8 million as a result and the investment is being held by Tiger global which is rapidly giving rival company  a run for it's money as one of the best emerging market investment firms in the world.

This is amazing because Jason is finally solving what is said to have  been a big problem over the years and that is ,  finding global distribution for African movies . Finally somebody gets it !

somebody understands what Africa is all about. What would be the next technology company on the list to make it in Africa will be watching!