flavour Nabania (Brilliant (and Slightly Badass) way to getting a major record deal!


Not too long ago, Flavour Nabania  could have been your run of the mill Artist trying to make it in the music business, but now today this brilliant artist learned a secret, make global music and watch  your music grow in the charts!

His video NWA BABY and our video of the year has already broken into the 2million view mark on Youtube! Quite a feat for a new artist!

Today he signed a major music deal with Soul Candi;in his quest for stardom, here is what he did right and how he worked his way in the business to getting a major deal and become the proclaimed the king of modern high life music.
He made world music!

Everybody knows, well at the very least in Africa that highlife is loved by all! Rather than try to be a modern hip hop star, Flavour stuck to universal music and by that we mean highlife.

Our parents loved it in their younger years and are still excited to listen to it today; so in essence that means he tapped into both the young and the old. Highlife is not restricted to one part of Africa and while other artist's music might go away some day in the near future, we envision listening to flavours music 40 years from now, just like we do with the "sweet mother song!"

Enjoy Nwa Baby!