DMT toilet founder (loss of a promising leader)

It was really sad for us to hear that the DMT founder Isaac died today. That really hurts is the fact that just yesterday we were viewing his old CNN entrepreneur video he talks about his business 

Apparently, he passed from what is said to be a brief illness , how sad is that? Just when his business had gotten recognition.

Bye Isaac , just want to say that you are an inspiration to a lot of African companies in fact your success story spurred our collective imagination.

Hard to believe that just yesterday looking at  his CNN video,  I said to myself I need to create a new blog that promotes African of the positive light and then this happens !

 Hopefully the business  he started will go on and not die. It is very important that Africans and African companies create businesses and not rely on imported goods.

In the words of latin quarter all we hear  is bad news from radio or now blog africa.

This man changed all that and made a lot of people believe in entrepreneurship.

Did you know that he was one of the only one to have founded portable Toilet making company in Africa how cool is that you tell me.

Here is his CNN Video!

He will be missed! How did he inspire you tell us your stories!