Just in case you missed it, Kim Zolciak former assistant Sweetie Hughes whom NeNe Leakes said that Kim treated her like her personal ‘slave’was let go recently from her job.


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Now there have been rumors swirling around as to why this happened, including something about her stealing from her former employer Kim to Kim's husband Kroy not liking black people; well she addressed the rumors with atlien and this is what she had to say!

SWEETIE: I seen it [on] twitter… some person tweeted me point blank ‘did you steal from Kim?’ and it was my first time hearing about it.

That shit is crazy! Do you know how much money I handled for Kim. As her assistant I had bank account access and all that… something that other assistants never had the opportunity to get that far… so as far as loyalty it’s been very high.

That means she did not steal right? Next on the rumor that Kroy does not like black people!
I don’t want to bash nobody. The one thing I have is loyalty. A lot of people don’t have that and that’s the one thing I have.

I was supposed to… I actually quit in the beginning and was like.. you know… I have school and stuff… but agreed to work until she found another assistant.

And it so happens I just continued to work… but we went back and forth basically and it just went on and on.

Did she call me and while I was on my way to work to say not to come in to work or ‘its not gonna work out’? Yeah she did but I been asking for that about a year ago.

I guess it’s a lot of stress, a lot of filming going on… but it’s not like it was on a really bad note.

By the way sweetie is now a 24 student good for her!! By the way here is a clip of sweetie talking about being called a slave on real house wives of Atlanta