This post was originally posted on Omg ! We had to  post it here because we wanted to know what your thoughts are on the woman earning more than her husband??

Maybe if couples realized that marriage is a different ball game from dating, the mortality rate of marriages would reduce drastically.

Sometimes it borders on the absurd to see couples who’ve been dating for 8 years getting a divorce within the first year of marriage.

[caption id="attachment_6245" align="alignnone" width="199" caption="photo source LARRY"]SNOOKI PREGNANT[/caption]

Well  according to the New York Post, Nicole “Snooki” Pollizzi, is, despite her protestations, pregnant with her first baby!
“The Jersey Shore star is roughly three months pregnant, and the baby’s father is her boyfriend, Jionni LaValle, according to the paper, which also notes that as recently as Feb. 2, the diminutive reality star went on ABC’s Good Morning America and shot down stories about her being in a family way.”

What does this mean for the entrepreneur and Jersey shore star? She can go ahead and create a new reality show called "Jersey Mom" and make even a whole lot more than she currently earns which by the way is in the millions believe it or not? Are you excited hearing the news, will you be following every detail about her baby bump??
Another guest post today by Isy Coker! She is one of our best writers! Enjoy!

This is probably not a big secret but we just had to talk about it! Now how in the world would you own any room you walk into in Lagos? Get a blackberry!

Oh no we are not talking about your run of the mill blackberry phone or as said in Lagos your "Mobile" we are talking about the blackberry Porsche!!

Guest post from Asha (nj2nigeria)

I want to state for the record that no matter what you read in the next few minutes, I am not a lesbian. I may gush over other women in this post but I am attracted to men. And I’m not making my sexuality an issue because of a certain TERRIBLE and terrifying Nigerian law that will send me to jail for fourteen years for being gay. READ FULL POST HERE!

This guest post is by Asha (nj2nigeria) a true beauty and a Naijawife!  We hope you would enjoy reading it like we did!

I want to state for the record that no matter what you read in the next few minutes, I am not a lesbian. I may gush over other women in this post but I am attracted to men. And I'm not making my sexuality an issue because of a certain TERRIBLE and terrifying Nigerian law that will send me to jail for fourteen years for being gay. 

In  what could be described as an emotional moment at last night's 84th Oscar awards, Octavia Spencer won her first Oscar on Sunday for her supporting actress role as a sassy maid in "The Help." Thereby putting all her doubters to rest!
Spencer, 39, was considered the favorite to win the Academy Award for playing an outspoken maid in the 1960s drama about African-Americans who work for rich white families in Mississippi in the early years of the civil rights era.

Spencer, whose mother was a maid and who had never been nominated before for an Academy Award, got a long standing ovation from the audience as she nervously walked to the stage to accept her award.

"Thank you Academy for putting me with the hottest guy in the room," she said, referring to the golden Oscar statuette.

[caption id="attachment_6220" align="alignnone" width="737" caption="Who rocked bollywod sexy"]aishwarya rai vs muna abii[/caption]
Both women are stars in their own right! Muna, is a singer and dare we say one of the most beautiful women in Africa and Aishwarya Rai?Well, she is known by all as the world's most beautiful woman and the princess of Bollywood, as well as, the daughter in law of Bollywood super star Amitabh Bachan! But we needed to ask who rocked the bollywood sexy in this photo above?
sacha cohen red carpet

Oscar awards photo of the day! Sacha Baron Cohen  dressed as the character the "dictator" at the Oscars spilled what he jokingly called the ashes of the late North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un on Ryan Seacrest!

Best Actress nominee Viola Davis GRACED the 84th Annual Academy Awards red carpet wearing  an emerald Vera Wang creation. We love love love her natural hair! What do you say love it? or Forget about it?
tiwa flavor naijagal
Newly engaged Nwa Baby superstar Flavour Nabania twitter account got hacked big time today, the hacker left this on his tweeter account!
Hacked account. Celebs beware. You’re all a target!

The account is currently down and shows it does not exist! It is suspended! Hopefully  it should be back up not good for the super star! Who is next BANKY W? DBANJ?


Yes you heard right, Ankara top for $3000 dollars! Get out your checkbooks girls, You are going to need it! Tagged as a Raffia knit top by PROENZA SCHOULDER this top can be yours at Bergdorf Goodman! Oh come on do not act like you do not want one?


The Mean Girls actress and former tanning product endorser, stepped out with blotchy orange skin as she attended the opening of Terry Richardson's art exhibition Terrywood in Los Angeles last night

In our opinion Linsay's botched up look could have been  softer with maybe some tights? Definitely loose the open toe shoes better still she should have worn a long flowing gown and she should have gone for a less harsh look (facially) but hey we are glad she is set to make a comeback!
So yes MANGO officially opened in Nigeria and we have pics to show you but wait a second here, why are all the model pics European but the mannequins are pitch black I mean come on, here is picture of a Mannequin we would expect to see!

And here is what we get!

Beverly Heels (aka B.Heels) was born Beverly Chioma Ukegbu. The aspiring Pop singer lives and is a star  in Houston, Texas. Her nickname ‘Heels’ was created because she allegedly loves heels?

This just in according to the huffingtonpost:
We bet Kim Kardashian regrets she ever dated Ray J.

First her sex tape with the singer leaked, and now he's cashing in on their former relationship with a tell-all book -- hinting that she cheated on her first husband, Damon Thomas, with him.

In "Death of a Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know About Men Who Stray," the 31-year-old musician isn't exactly covert when he refers to an ex-girlfriend he dated for two years as "KK." The initials match Kardashian's, as does the time frame of their relationship.

According to Life & Style, Ray J writes in the book, "[KK] let me know she wanted to get with me. She left her husband for me as soon as we started having sex."

The R&B singer also reveals "KK's" seduction secrets, like greeting him with hot towels and toothpaste on his toothbrush in the morning and providing sexy lingerie fashion shows at night. Ray J doesn't hold back when it comes to writing about their sex life, either.

Wait there is more!

How do you wear your hair?


Do you believe in Love?


Do you love blogging? 

Yes, isn't it obvious?

Aside from blogging what is your true love

Style fashion and oh yes database architecture!

Excuse us are you a techie?

Yep a true GIRL GEEK

Got questions for Naijagal? Send them to NAIJAGALS@GMAIL.COM!




Naija genes are strong, I mean seriously Kez Sunday Udoka is adorable!!! OR What do you say readers??
Can you believe she is in her mid 40s unbelievable!

Toni Braxton out last night to the Hollywood Reporter’s Academy Awards Nominees event in Los Angeles looking terribly chic! What do you say is STILL HOT OR NOT??

Okay not to be confused with an MBA or a full fledged degree, Tyra Banks just bagged a diploma from HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL! In the same way Naija politicians and business people alike take courses at HARVARD and then claim they went to H-A-V-A-R-D!

Can you honestly blame them? In any instance KUDOS TYRA! YOU DID IT GIRL!!!!

So Dbanj recently had a sold out concert in New York, we have to say this, his fans are really brave in what they wear! Checkout what A FAN wore to the concert after the Jump! FYI please view this at home thanks!

How she makes millions blogging is the headline for Yes magazine but we wonder did Linda really grant this interview? Any how should make an interesting read! Naija gal loves it! By the way love reading the blogs using my IPAD at least that way I will not get the av virus scanner downloaded on my computer by mistake! Another reason why we love APPLE products!!

We just discovered Emeh! We love her blog!!Seriously! Here is how she describes herself!

I like to describe my self as a creative mind.I am realistically ambitious and live by the motto"No compromise with failure". I enjoy writing, and sharing ideas with people of different backgrounds and nationalities.I'm currently working on a novel.

Janet Hubert, star mom of the fresh price of Bel Air put Wendy Williams on blast by posting this:
The one time Wendy interviewed Whitney on her radio show, the two had a tense exchange and since then, Wendy continued to report on the singer’s drug use. However she delivered a teary monologue the Monday following Whitney’s death in which she drew comparisons between herself and the megastar.

The much anticipated video is here and we have it right here on and! Loving Akon's swag! Oya get down and dance dance dance!
Yes oh the much awaited video for PSQUARE, finally arrived! Check out chop my money video by PSQUARE!

[caption id="attachment_5897" align="alignnone" width="396" caption="whitney houston dead at 48"]whitney houston dead at 48[/caption]

The national enquirer in their usual shock and awe tactic at the grocery stores just published a photo graph of Whitney Houston laying peacefully in the funeral home. Now this begs the question , who really buys these tabloid magazines?

Ah don't be cruel check it out!! OUR  favorite group of all time NEW EDITION IN LASGIDI LIVE!!! Can you believe it?? Yes Oh and guess what 2FACE BANKY ELDEE AND OUR OWN GENNY will be there! '


We have to say this we loved the look on the dancers face, what did you say?

love this video!! Whitney would be proud granny!
Can you guess whose son this is? Michael Jackson's grand Nephew?


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tina munim

Vintage Tina Munim the star of bollywood flick got a lot of kids in Naija going crazy back then, with amazing looks and a sultry voice to boot on Rishi Kapoor's "yeh vada raha"? Okay lets juggle your memory with this video clip from the movie!

Born on 11 February 1957, Tina Munim is a Bollywood actress.Tina had a victorious Bollywood career during the late 70s and early 80s. She took birth in a Gujarati-speaking family unit and belongs to the Svetambara sect of Jainism.

Ace film actor Dev Anand discovered Tina after she represented her country at the International Teen Princess competition in Aruba, and bagged the Miss Photogenic and Miss Bikini honors.

Tina ALLEGEDLY had an affair with well-known Bollywood actor Rajesh Khanna from the year 1981 to 1987. After 1987, the two ended their relation.

The two worked together in many films including Fiffty Fiffty, Souten, Bewafai, Suraag, Insaaf Main Karoonga and Adhikar.

Aside from Dev Anand and Rajesh Khanna, Tina also made a popular screen group with actor Rishi Kapoor.

In the year 1987, Munim made the conscious decision to put her Bollywood career on a hiatus. She moved to California and attended college.

Tina Munim tied the nuptial knot with Anil Ambani, now one of the wealthiest people across the globe.

Tina has 3 children comprising Zahir and Anshul.


Now today she is a billionaire's wife! Yes she is now called TINA AMBANI! Check out what she looks like now! Drum roll please!

Yep bet you did not know but we reported it back in 2007 where Carol Ekanem now Carol Ekanem Danjuma gave an intereview on her romance with Tuface back in the day! Here is what she said back then:


But that is not what this post is about rather we are comparing looks and this is a an new segment on Naijagal, vintage vs modern!

Here she is Carol Ekanem before Marriage:

Now here she is post Marriage!

Who do you prefer Vintage or Modern Carol, We want to know go on place a comment now now now!
Betcha did not know the dj on Ellen show is a NAIJAGUY! YEP, he sure is!
Just in case you missed it, Kim Zolciak former assistant Sweetie Hughes whom NeNe Leakes said that Kim treated her like her personal ‘slave’was let go recently from her job.


[caption id="attachment_6074" align="alignnone" width="520" caption="photo source:straight from the A"]Kim-Zolciak-Sweetie-Hughes-RHOA-520x449[/caption]

Now there have been rumors swirling around as to why this happened, including something about her stealing from her former employer Kim to Kim's husband Kroy not liking black people; well she addressed the rumors with atlien and this is what she had to say!

Rapper Flavor Flav holds his son Karma Drayton at a game between the UNLV Rebels and the San Diego State Aztecs at the Thomas & Mack Center February 11, 2012 in Las Vegas,
Mad cool, though going through a tough time now with the passing of his true love Whitney Houston, Bobby brown will be performing in Nigeria in March! Would he bring Ralph along? That is the question! Here is a video from back in the day by New Edition, can you spot Bobby??

Question will you go to his concert??? Who would you rather from the new Edition guys? I love me some Ralph!!

tiwa flavor naijagal

Love this love this  “OYI” by Flavour and Tiwa Savage has just appeared yes and boy do they have chemistry! This is for all the  lovers! Hang on tight!!


Boy check out the abs on Flavour!! Hmmm Hmmm Hmm we likey!!
hair by stephanie houston

Okay this one is for my buddy Bella! Okay if you are in need of a fantastic hairstyle who do you call on?? Stephanie is the one you ought to know!

flavor naijagal

A little history about this song, well back in the day this song was actually a favorite of my dads and you can imagine his pleasant surprise to find out the song got remixed! Well it is my favorite now!

Want a translation of this song? Well here goes:


Hotness here is your weekend scoop. Brand new video by Bracket featuring Wizkid!

So sad poor Bobbi Kristina was spotted arriving at her superstar mom Whitney Houston's Funeral.

[caption id="attachment_6016" align="alignnone" width="550" caption="photo source infdaily"]bobbi Kristina at Whitney Houston's funeral[/caption]



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omotola on naijagal

This just in Omotola today tweeted with Chris Brown, seems like someone forgot to give her the memo that Chris Brown  is not a fan of twitter right now! Here is what she tweeted!”

growing up naija

So some creative minds came up with this cute video which talks about growing up in a NAIJA boarding  school! Enjoy!

TMZ captured this video below of Ray J holding on to his sister on the way to Whitney Houston's funeral

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

The question now is how would he move on??

Oh wow did she really say that? Yes she did! Say what? Khloe Kardashian actually alludes to the fact  multiple times in a new interview on Hot 97 that she’s really confused and doesn’t know who her biological dad is! You have to give her points for honesty, that’s for sure! Watch!


Did you think she was  joking?? That is the question, okay you tell Naijagal was she joking???
This is simply eye catching Vlisco fabric comes out with a new line! It is called the Silent Empire, but it is hardly silient now is it? Well Check out pics from the line which is a mix between crouching tiger and African Magic!Did we just say that?

Behold the hidden secrets of the new Vlisco fabric collection named Silent Empire. The drama of a frozen opera with a touch of blossoming wit reveals spiritual ambiguity. A restrained yet ceremonious composition of graphic shapes further emphasises a sense of a serene stratification. The layering of details in patterns creates a cultured perception of the designs. The boldness of the designs is tempered by a colour palette dominated by muted earthy tones and alternating with intense shades of blue and lime to create an eye-catching twist. here is a picture!

View more pictures on
Okay we are loving Duro Olowu's fall collection! Yes we first discovered Duro back in2006!
 Nigerian-born, London-based Olowu rose to acclaim with his silk caftans in a kaleidoscope of vintage prints, and has become a favorite of first lady Michelle Obama.


Check out his fall 2012 collection! Can a sister get that jacket??

I am sexy and I know it! Talk about bloody confidence!! Crazy!!!
Fashion works ladies! Meet Billionaire Naijagal!

From shaking up Nigeria's fashion scene to striking it rich in the oil business, Nigerian billionaire Folorunso Alakija has tasted success in all walks of life.

The former banking executive-turned-fashion designer-turned oil magnate is one of the west African country's most accomplished businesswoman, boasting a long and successful career in several fields.

In recent years, the 61-year-old has been dedicating her time to give back and help those in need as an author and philanthropist -- in 2008, she launched the Rose of Sharon foundation, a non-governmental organization that provides for widows and orphans across Nigeria.

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From shaking up Nigeria's fashion scene to striking it rich in the oil business, Nigerian billionaire Folorunso Alakija has tasted success in all walks of life.

The former banking executive-turned-fashion designer-turned oil magnate is one of the west African country's most accomplished businesswoman, boasting a long and successful career in several fields.
In recent years, the 61-year-old has been dedicating her time to give back and help those in need as an author and philanthropist -- in 2008, she launched the Rose of Sharon foundation, a non-governmental organization that provides for widows and orphans across Nigeria.
Okay I am just the messenger but seriously if you are looking to move back to LAGOS, find a real high paying job first! WORKFORCE NIGERIA IS THE ONLY REAL HIGH PAYING JOB SITE FOR US BY US! Do not go for the cheap imitation okay?  Well check out this job at Google in Lagos!

 And ehm no the girls are not part of the perks!

Despite the fact that Chris Brown has become a trending topic  #RIPChrisBrown on twitter, the hip-hop artist is alive and well Wednesday. His Twitter account seems to be going down the tubes however, only four tweets remain!

Chris Brown became the most talked about celebrity on twitter following last sunday's grammys but not in a good way! Rather than letting it slide he pr oceeded to go off on a tangent!

chris brown tweets

Tweeting the following below!

Now he tried to delete the evidence but here are some more tweets by the star! More after the cut!

Bollywood superstar Kareena Kapoor was spotted recently at the airport in an oversized T-shirt and from the look of it, she was trying to conceal something behind her tee. The actress was holding on to her belly with her hand.

Yeh kya hai?

oh by the way we loved her here!

Absolutely stunning, 22 year old model  Adaora Akubilo a  naija gal in her own right graced the pages of the coveted sports illustrated 2012 swimsuit edition
 Adaora Akubilo ON NAIJA GAL.COM

Checkout some more pics from the super model after the jump

Superstar artist Tuface is officially off the market and we have the pics to prove it! The star got engaged to the true love of his life Annie Maculey at  the swanky Victoria Island Club 10

Dancer Kaffy tweeted the picture above, with the text ’2baba proposes to Annie!!! woooooooo live at Club 10′.


What can we say but wow oh wow!Tuface proposed on valentine's day to his favorite girl Annie Maculay, but wait a minute isn't he supposedly expecting another baby from his other baby mama, girl we are happy for you but please do not turn into a RITA MARLEY! more pics after the cut


So nolly wood actress Halima Abubakar  came out with an amazing photo where she posed holding cushions but we cannot help but compare her pose to another star Oge Okoye