I came across a new must read blog recently. You know me, Naijagal always scoping what is out there! Haba no vex okay, this is strictly yours! Let me just say I amaze my friends from Mumbai with my fluent Hindi! Thanks to my love of Bollywood.

Now I have a new favorite blog which I follow daily. It is a fun blog from a lady living in Nigeria from New Jersey.

She asked this question on her blog perhaps you can respond by placing a comment here!
How do Nigerians wipe their bottoms? I'm not trying to be disrespectful. I am genuinely curious.
Why the question? Her baby's school did not have toilet paper in the bathrooms! Care to respond? 


Asha S said...

hi sade, thanks! i read your profile and found your blog. in fact, you've inspired me to put a disclaimer on mine, as well. i didn't know that pictures weren't public property until this week.
i love the movie kabhi, kabhie and the soundtrack, as well. too funny!