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here are four ways in which you can essentially get some income from your blog. This could be extra income that you can use pay bill or the other end they are:

Advertising sales
The most common way in which bloggers and a little income is getting ads from Google adsense.this program is very easy to install all you need to do is to simply sign up for an AdSense can then take the adsense code based on the keyword that matches the content on your blog. Next simply place the code within your blog pages. Now when I go into going into the details on how that is done, instead we will list different advertising programs for you to explore within your blog.

Some other advertising programs, we noticed some bloggers are currently making use of are WidgetBucks, text link and eminimalls. I've known bloggers who made use of That (linkworth) might be another option to take a look at.

Affiliate Programs- this is another way to generate income on your blog. Their various affiliate programs you could join without spending any money. At affiliate program, simply gives you a link to place within your blog such that, whenever anyone goes from your blog to purchase the ite through that affiliate link, you receive a percentage of the sales. Here are four affiliate programs I recommend taking a look at: commission Junction,, link share and of course clickbank.  Now let me say something about click back, this program sells digital items or as many would say information products. Your task would be the send buyers their way; not sure how it works in detail, as I personally tried clickbank, I ended up losing a little bit of money but some people swear by it.

Digital products:
where on the topic of digital products or information products, certain bloggers go ahead and create their own information product a good example topic would be how to potentially quit your day job blogging. Now we have the good one for sale, I just might consider writing that e-book. All you need, as a word document saved as a PDF and that you can submit your e-book sites including click bank. You will then get affiliates to sign up to sell your digital product and that way they'll get a percentage of the sale but that they would find you buyers!

Finally, the fourth way to possibly generate income via your blog is to Flip blogs
you can create your blog and eventually sell the blog for a good amount of money. Flippa is a good example of location online where you can sell your blog. I love taking a look at and seeing what blogs are listed for sale. We notice lately, that a lot of people and been selling auto blogs. What are Autoblogs? They their blogs that automatically update daily with ads on them. Might be worth taking a look into. Now they got the steps to generating income from your blog, get started and that is know your feedback thanks again for sticking with us!