Well, we have a scoop for you today readers! You may recall when the wedding website interest began back in 2006 with the amazing blog from Adaure. 

You might  also recall  Adaure  noted on her site


Well guess, what readers; we got a chance to sit down  and chat with the "top match maker" herself about her match making skills, her new company and advice for anyone looking to find their soul mate (husband or wife) in the diaspora and beyond. Read and learn!

Hello Banke, it is a pleasure to be speaking with you. We have heard all about the amazing work your company "faith based match finder is doing. We are going to start of with three questions. First off, What inspired you to start this fascinating and may I say much needed faith based matchmaking? When did you finally take the plunge to get started? 2009? How successful has it been thus far as you match people with possible life partners?

Thanks Naijagal, I enjoy reading your blog. I‘ll like to give a brief history of FMF and how it all came about. I remember my first hook-up or introduction which was back in 2000. I knew 2 friends, thought that they would make a good fit and then proceeded to introduce them. They went on to begin a relationship. Consequently other hook-ups ensued and before I knew it, it became a hobby. I became the match-maker for my circle of friends, family, church and before i knew it i was introducing people even across continents. Initially it started as a hobby then it became a passion and then i began introducing only Christians and to the glory of God there are several marriages and countless relationships that God used me as a tool to connect, till date.

What should women who live in the diaspora look for when searching for a perfect mate?

 My focus is on faith-based connections, that is people who are Christians and have a passion for the things of God. My recommendation to women living in the diaspora is to seek God first and ask Him for guidance and direction when searching for a perfect mate. Obviously its not as simple as I’m making it sound but for the sake of not writing an epistle I would only add that women also need to examine themselves for what they’re looking for, if they are capable of sustaining it when they do meet.(which means they have to be prepared i.e. whole and should have rid themselves of any baggage they might have. This will help them make better decisions. Their criteria also has to be realistic.

Have you found that owning a matchmaking company, a faith based one at that comes with tremendous challenges? 

 Not really. Its given me an opportunity to interact with people, offer some relationship counseling and bring joy into people’s lives. The only tricky part is not all folks who say they’re “Christians” are really Christians. But by God’s grace and virtue of the way our services operate, we have been able to follow up with people, verify the information they give us and stay on top each of our matches.

Can a lady or gentleman using your services to find a mate date multiple partners from your service? How exactly does it work? 

 Answer: No none of our clients can date multiple partners. Once prospective clients fill out the form on our website, we receive the details on the form, and schedule a thorough and confidential interview with them and then fill out a questionnaire based on the information provided. This thorough interview over the phone or physically in some cases will enable us to discern what the client wants in a potential partner. (To register and qualify for membership with FMF, you must meet certain criteria). We will also talk about previous relationships so we can know what has not worked for in the past.
A picture of a potential client is required. This is for us to put a face to the voice and to store in our database. (This pictures are viewed by our admin team only we do not share any of the pictures publicly). Based on the information provided, we proceed to discuss several possible matches with the client, before finally selecting a match for the client. Members of our staff are very experienced and always select the right and appropriate matches based on the client’s desires and goals. We will tell you openly and honestly, if you are being realistic in your desired attributes for a partner, as we need to feel confident that we can meet your needs. If we mutually decide that it makes sense to proceed, we will discuss, finalize your membership and get you ready for your first introduction.

Aside from having similar interests and faiths, should physical attraction come into play?

Oh yes, the profile that each client fills out is a combination of personality, lifestyle, interests, goals, passion and physical attraction questions.

Could you share with us a successful story? Our readers are dying to read all about  it!

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