Handsome top actor Van Vicker pictured with his stunning wife and kids.

I know, you are probably wondering what I am talking about right? Well picture this, two amazing identical twins create a fashion line without any formal training!

I know you are probably thinking, yeah we have heard that before, but oh no you have not. This time around Somali-born identical twins Ayaan and Idyl Mohallin have gone on to create their own fashion line and guess what they actually had an apprenticeship with Jill Stuart and Designers Betsy Johnson!

Hear them:
" we had no experience whatsoever we had never even sewn a garment, we did not have jobs or experience" But they took a chance and moved from Washington dc to New York City and quickly got an internship.

Readers here is what inspire them to become fashion designers, while reading fashion magazines Vogue and Seventeen.


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Great what next? Well, would you believe a lady has come forward claiming she bore a son for Michael Jackson in 1984?

According to the source "Zerline LaVette Dixon says that she gave birth to Michael Jackson's son on September 23, 1984 at Holy Cross Hospital in Mission Hills and filed a creditor's claim against his estate Wednesday in Los Angeles."

Gosh what next? or rather who is next in line to claim credit. Must have been a wild night? Or could it be that Zerline "Just wants to be starting something?"
The LA times reports Michael Jackson died as a result of lethal amounts of propofol in his body. The cause of death was revealed in an unsealed affidavit in Houston, TX today.

According to the report, Dr. Conrad Murray told the police he had been treating Jackson for 6 weeks for insomnia -- giving him 50 milligrams of Propofol every night through an IV.

story developing....

Interesting is Propofol now a treatment for insomnia? One wonders?

Michael Jackson To Be Buried On His BirthdayKing of Pop will reportedly be buried August 29 at Forest Lawn, according to his father.

It's been nearly two months since Michael Jackson passed away of as-yet-unstated causes at the age of 50. According to the New York Daily News, Jackson will finally be buried next week, on what would have been the pop star's 51st birthday, August 29. Quoting the singer's father, Joseph Jackson, the paper reported that Jackson will be buried at Los Angeles' Forest Lawn Cemetery in accordance with plans that were finalized over the past few days.

So sad we miss you Michael!
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Bolanle Okhiria, a 21 year old student of Lagos State University, was selected as the Ideal Kokolette in Dbanj's hit show Koko Mansion. The final 4 contestants, Rita, Shona, Chidinma, and winner Bolanle received votes from the viewers prior to the final show.

Well she beat out fan favorite Rita, with apparently less than 1500 votes! Now how was that possible? Kudos to Bolanle, I do believe Rita should have won just for the entertainment value.

What are your thoughts readers? Who should have won?
The most loved couple dance on you tube who had views totaling over 17 million just supposedly got divorced? They danced into the court too.

Okay maybe it is a spoof but it is hella cute! Check out the original video as seen here early

Now check out the DIVORCE VIDEO!

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Isn't it amazing love the steps, the wink? cute!
Isn't he just adorable? Congratulations to DJIMON HONSOU AND KIMORA LEE SIMMONS

Michael Jackson’s gorgeous sons Prince Michael ,12, Prince Michael II (aka Blanket),7, and Michael’s ‘possible’ son Omer Bhatti were photographed heading to Barnes and Noble Bookstore on Sunday(August 2nd).

Also there for the excursion were Jermaine Jackson’s sons Jaffar,13, and Jermajesty,9.

Seems like a boys night out


Jacob's Cross is an epic story centred on one man's quest to build the next great African empire.

The hero, Jacob Makhubu, is the son of a South African mother and a Nigerian father. He embodies all the characteristics of an outsider whose personal desire is to belong.

The story starts when Jacob -- serving an obligatory stint as an executive in a Nigerian owned, but Jo burg based company and hankering after New York's more worldly pleasures -- is thrown into the midst of turmoil. He is summoned by his boss and benefactor, who reveals himself as his father and bequeaths to him a business empire.