Little Salim seems a little upset at the end of the clip. I hope they all turn out to be highly successful in their careers! The good news it that they would not be returning to the slums. Jai HO (victory will be yours!)

I have heard a lot about currency trading or as a lot of people call it, "forex trading".Forex trading is a trillion-dollar industry.

I know you are asking, why is a fashionista learning about it?

Well let me tell you this, ever heard the term a diva is a female version of a hustler? (enough said!).

However did you know people are charging big bucks in Africa especially Nigeria for this? According to uber cool blogger David Ajao,

"These “trainers” charge between 15,000 naira and 100,000 naira (between $115 and $781) for training sessions that last for between 1 day and 3 days! Now, how someone can learn the nitty-gritty of a sensitive activity like forex trading in 3 days (talk-less of 1 day), beats my imagination! What such “trainers” only do is to introduce their audience to the basics of forex trading and expect them to figure out the rest themselves. The charitable ones among them give their trainees some printed or CD tutorials, and thus the money spent on training is exhausted."

Absurd! Why would you waste your money? When the information is available for free? Well here are three recommendations for you to learn all about it.

1.My favorite, Discovered Forex Blog: the number one guide for forex daily trading tips at

2. Currency trading for dummies (free to look inside at amazon)

3. Or you could really just go get a high paying job at workforcenigeria

Okay so you got the tips, this has been my business day advice, hope you use it and stop shelling out money when the information is free!

First Ramsey now Van Vicker? Well according to reports and I quote:

"V an Vicker, Ghanaian born Nollywood actor has been the toast of many movie marketers and producers in Nigeria for some time now as his face seems to sell the movies.

But we hear the marketers are all set to ban the actor because it was alleged the actor always demanded for the American copyrights to their movies before featuring in the movies.

Some people alleged the actor would always ask for the sole right to market the movies in America or he would not feature in the movie.

But reacting to this allegation, the actor debunked the allegation to Life and Beat, saying there is no iota of truth in the allegation.

Vicker agreed that he had a company which distributed movies in partnership with another company based in America, but he did not insist that the right to market the film be given to him.

“If I think a film will do well, I approach the owner to buy the film rights for the US.

Sometimes, they agree sometimes they do not for different reasons. I have worked with Eagles Wing, St.

Joseph, Harrison Productions and many more that I did not get any rights. I am about to work with Venus Films and I am not getting the American rights. Marketers are smart businessmen and they will not make any business decisions that are not good for them.” Vicker said he had bought rights to movies that he did not even star in. “I pay good money for them. I have bought from Emmalex, Noble Entertainment and many others, and I was not even in their films. The storyline is the first thing that influences my choice of scripts. So, I don’t understand where they are getting this story from. I think some people are just being mischievous with this story.”

FIRST Ramsey now Van say it ain't so Nollywood!

He won for JAI HO. A song I seriously love , here is a clip of the song!

"The stage was set for Rahman to bring the gold statuette to India and become only the third Indian to receive an Oscar, the others being Bhanu Athaiya and Satyajit Ray. Athaiya won an academy award in the best costume design category for the 1982 film Gandhi and Ray was awarded an academy honorary award for his contribution to world cinema in 1992. "

It has finally happened!! He brought home the oscar to India
A close look at most of the events in town definitely tells a new story of the re -emergence of women wearing skirts.

Several years back in West Africa, the only skirt was defined by a simple A line and the maxi which might have been considered as being drab by a number of people. This, no doubt, contributed to the disappearance of the skirting tradition at events.

But girls that love the flirty looks did not entirely give up on skirts – thanks to the new designers, there is a resurgence of this fabulous style.

Styles range from flayed vintage look of different colors and designs to pencil skirts, skirts that have stunning designs of organza, frills and other spectacular styles that can transform from office chic to evening cocktails without much fuss.

Skirts made with ankara (African print) will certainly add classy and stylish look to your wardrobe.
International super model, Oluchi Orlandi, has been appointed the Natures Gentle Touch brand ambassador. The event took place in Jo’burg, South Africa. As part of her appointment, she embarked on a university tour across Nigeria to inspire youths to embrace and unleash true African identity.

The brand manager disclosed that its choice of Oluchi was borne out of her African beauty which has continued to be acknowledged in spite of the western influence on our culture.

“Oluchi exudes the true African beauty in contemporary style and her story is a huge inspiration to so many youths across Africa.

She personifies the identity of the Natures Gentle Touch brand which is the development of hair care solutions that will empower the African to reveal the beauty within and unleash their unique sense of style.” Oluchi will be embarking on the second phase of the tour and feature in NGT’s Unleash Ur Style later in the year.

This is really inspiring, wouldn't you say?
I can bet the title got you interested in this blog post. I came across this article in true love magazine and all I can say is that this is truly inspiring. I am glad to see what some see as a taboo is now a norm. You may recognize a couple in this article, Kate Hensaw Nollywood's darling with her dashing husband.

Kate and Rod share their story below:
Our very own beauty queen describes her romance with her true love!
Adeniyi shares the story of his romance with his Indian princess.
Oh love is so amazing would you marry someone outside your race? I would love to hear your comments on this one. I know I certainly will.

here is what Lisa Aremu had to say " I thought my mum was very liberal until I told her I had a crush on an indian man. Nothing came of it, but I learnt later that she ad spent many nights praying that my feelings for him would vanish before I did anything stupid"

Do you share her mum's sentiments? Thanks readers for your comments.

This is so sad! Oh my lord why??? see the bigger picture here

Tiger Woods has posted five new photos of son Charlie Axel on his official website

The baby, his second with wife Elin, was born February 8, and joins older sister Sam.

The photos show Charlie, Tiger kissing Charlie, and a family portrait with both dogs.

Aren't they just such a cute family?

I have to say this, its late and I am to say the least worn out from the fantastic show; I am so proud of this day's amazing fashion show; be sure to read my update later on today on how the show went. In the mean time check out some pictures;
Picture of Oluchi walking the runway
Pictured above Uber cool designer Folake Folarin Coker


Alek Wek walking the run way in a stunny ensemble by one my very favorite's Stoned Cherie
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Olowunmi pic by Niyitabiti

First stop let me just say that I love the out Olowunmi pictured above is wearing it gets an A+; I want the name of this designer; anybody know who it is?

Next stop Fashion from Nigeria has certainly come a long way; I am definitely without a doubt loving the gold looks in the collection; enjoy the video.

Now honestly, which outfit was your favorite?

Next stop lets talk about our weekly WHO ROCKED THE LOOK! yes, yes this is so much fun and you get to have your say;

So people who rocked the look?

Salma Hayek breast feeds a one week old baby; nothing new in Africa where grandmothers believe it or not breast feed grand kids; it is called baby friendly; don't believe me? Look it up okay?

Please say it ain't so! She is too pretty to look like this. Hopefully this a photo shop enhanced picture; the song is silly though, MUST BE A SPOOF; what do you say?

OMG! TMZ obtained a photo of Nadya Suleman's pregnant stomach shortly before she gave birth to octuplets in California.

This picture of a ready to explode Nadya Suleman was taken eight days before giving birth to the last eight of her fourteen kids; First a website to request donations; bet this photograph was sold too to the tabloids; what next?

Not bad right?Dbanj surely has set a standard for music videos now!

I see vogue is changing or are they really; well we love the cover which features the first lady looking radiant; what are you thoughts?

Pregnant super star Rapper , M.I.A who performed on her due date last night seen on the red carpet! Don't you just love her ankara? Well how about you caption this in your comments?
Congratulations are certainly in order! Tiger Woods has become a father earlier today once again this time to a baby boy!Congratulations!

Breaking news According to reports listed in the,

“Usher’s wife Tameka Foster Raymond has suffered a serious injury due to complications from plastic surgery in BRAZIL , reports Access Hollywood.

On Saturday night, Usher canceled his performance at the Recording Academy and Clive Davis’s Pre-Grammy Gala. Davis told party-goers the singer had to bow out due to a “serious injury in the family.”

Oh we pray she is okay, please keep Usher in your prayers!


read more | digg story

Handsome actor, Van Vicker and his gorgeous wife Adjoa recently became a daddy! We are really pleased and happy for him. Check out the pictures below:

Picture above are his gorgeous girls and his new son! Below is a picture of his new son;


They are just too cute! Leave your congratulatory pictures by commenting away.
Fascinating and impressive, that is how we can describe our very own Adejoke Taiwo, who happens to be a contestant on Project Runway Canada's Edition.

More about Adejoke:
Adejoké Taiwo Hometown: Calgary, AB Age: 24


"My parents’ Nigerian background really influences my design sense. I find the fabrics inspiring and the silhouettes completely different from North American culture. It’s exciting."

Calgary’s Adejoké Taiwo got the itch for fashion when she was in grade school, taking her first sewing lesson when she was six years old. Her education continued with studies in costume design at Red Deer College in Alberta and a degree from the Ryerson University School of Fashion in Toronto in 2008. Adejoké credits growing up in a disciplined family for her determination to succeed - her mother is a deputy director at a young offender center in Alberta. Looking to the future, Adejoke’s goals are to expand her label àlalá and design a fashion line involving sustainable indigenous fabrics.

She already won a challenge for one of her designs; check out her designs for her alala fashion house!

Want to learn more about the show check it out on here and remember you saw it first on Naijagal, stay blessed and nice style what do you say?

Okay, I decided it was about time that my readers learn the ways in which websites are built and how you can profit from them. If you follow sites like Sturvs, Nairaland and the like; today we are going to list the tools you need to start your own profitable social bookmarking site, such as, sturvs or your own forum such as Nairaland.

1. You want to create a social bookmarking site right? Well the first thing you need is the software to do it. Well here it is, the software is called PLIGG. It is an open source program that can use to create your own book marking and voting site such as; find the right web hosting company for say $20 a year and you are done!
Now how do you make money from the site? Easy once you get a people interested in the site, you can easily charge advertisers to advertise on your new site; simply tell them the page views are over 3000 and in Africa that would be amazing to some.

2. Now you also want to create your own Nairaland right? Well, then look no further simply download the simple machines open source software; find cheap hosting; get a bunch of your friends to sign up, market the site as the number one site for Africans, Nigerians, whatever you want then tell everyone that the site is available for free and it is web 2.0! Now how do you get paid from it? Simple you add google adsense or adwords on every forum listed on your site and people will click on the ads.

3. Start a web 2.0 dating site; there are lots of open source dating software out there for the taking. Once again make it free and add adsense.

4. Finally web 2.0 get a wordpress blog, for example,, then tout your site as the first and only site for technology aka techcrunch in a certain country; praise as many other sites out there and voila they become your friend, give you free links and then you advertise using adsense or going after big corporations in your city, be it Mumbai, Lagos, London or Abuja

Any questions about web 2.0 marketing and making money from home,leave a comment; I have to run now have a company to run, thanks for reading, be sure to leave a comment!
Paris runway is going crazy over the Obama look; check out the finale at a runway show!
Hmm does he remind you of anyone? Dutch fashion designer Lucas Ossendrijver used a model with an uncanny resemblance to the Commander and Chief to lead off his 2009-2010 Fall/Winter Menswear show for Lavin;


Check out a look by Donatella Versace who dedicated her collection to Barack Obama;


Now onto more exciting news! According to thisdayonline:
The prestigious Merc-edes Benz Fashion Week in New York will host the launch of THISDAY’s ARISE magazine at the Bryant Park Tents and showcase the designs of an African fashion collective: Xuly Bet of Mali, Stoned Cherrie of South Africa, MOMO and Tiffany Amber of Nigeria.
The launch of ARISE, which is the first global style and culture magazine dedicated to African achievement, music, business and politics will be one of the highlights of the week-long show.
ARISE is published by THISDAY Group of newspapers in Nigeria, South Africa, New York and London for distribution worldwide.
At the fashion event, to be hosted by the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, creative new talents would take to the runways to showcase fashion's most inspiring new looks.
The line-up of talented newcomers and first-timers at the Tents include Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenberg, Carolina Herrera, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Zac Posen, Max Azria, Dennis Basso, Badgley Mischka, Tracy Reese and Tommy Hilfiger, among many others. Furthermore, established designers and collections from Brazil, China, Nigeria, Korea, Japan, Russia, Israel, Spain, France, Italy and Australia would also be at the event, which they consider a window to present their work to the fashion world.
"We are thrilled to bring together some of the best designers both domestic and foreign," said Fern Mallis, Senior Vice President of IMG Fashion.
Oh Forget that what we really want to know is whose designer's look rocks! how about you pick your choice by commenting on our WHOSE LOOK ROCKS! I feel like it is friday already, wonder why?

First stop looks by Tiffany Amber:

Next stop looks by Stoned Cherie:

the designer struting her stuff! Now her looks:

Is Newyork ready for this house of style? Be prepared to be amazed!

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What do you say??
pic by LISE
Beauty time!! How to properly apply EYE MAKE UP

Step One: Your gorgeous Lids

As you may know many eye shadows tend to come in three complementary colors which have different values; light, medium an of course dark; for brown complexion you could probably chose a gold or a matte finish;

First off apply the lightest shade to the upper portion of your eyes, along what is know as the brow bone. Next use a medium shade color for your lids! Start the lid application at the inner corner and move on towards the outer corner of your lid. Then blend both colors together where they align near the crease using your finger tip.

Next you need to add use the darkest shad for contouring and depth. We are going for the smokey eye look here people.Start at the inner corner, follow the crease to the outer edge of your eyes. You can also add a little more of the darkest color to edge of the lids, just above the lashes. Then, once again, use your fingertip or brush to blend and soften the lines.

Next apply a thin line of liner along the base of your lashes on top and bottom

Final step

Be sure to apply your mascara to the tips of your eye lashes. This is the best way to do so. Do not go about applying it all over as you may have the clumpy look which you definitely want to avoid.

I hope these simple tips have helped. Be sure to visit a very good and informative site for blog_eye_makeup here

Any questions?

Well, lets just say the people of Edo State are just getting over the exciting wedding of Omosede igbinedion; now a new wedding is underway.

According to reports,

Their forte as a prominent family in Edo State is not in contention. Apart from being ahead when it comes to throwing the most lavish parties in town, residents of Benin and its environs often anticipate their events.

Barely two months after the patriarch of the family, Chief Gabriel Igbinedion, staged a talk of the town wedding for his daughter Omosede, the family is preparing to host the crème-de-la-crème of the society to a second conjugal celebration soonest.

Zena, the eldest child of the former governor of Edo State, Lucky, and his wife Eki, will on March 13 lay to rest speculations on her love life when she exchanges marital vows with her beau, Ebi Enaholo, a thoroughbred silver spoon.

Zena owns Zena Lingerie, a prominent store on Victoria Island, Lagos.
Well you heard it here first on Naijagal! More stories ahead!