Is Big Brother Africa (BBA) Star Ofunneka dating MR NIGERIA? We have the scoop!!

The answer to that question is a big fat NO! We got the answer thanks to an article in today's papers.

Mr Nigeria

The grapevine recently alleged that Ofunneka’s romance with Bryan had a negative effect on his girlfriend, Titi Adelagun, who according to the rumor is also alleged to be Ofunneka’s good friend.

The Gist even had Mr Nigeria abandoning his girlfriend for Ofunneka

Well she sets the record straight

According to Ofunneka,

“I don’t know the Bryan guy. I have never met him and it’s not true that I go out with him. This is lie from the pit of hell. I have never exchanged words with Bryan in my entire life.”
Ofunneka told Home Video that she was exasperated by the rumour.

“Only God knows how the rumour came about. It’s the strongest thing to day because there is no basis for it. I know Titi. She is an acquaintance, not even a friend. We meet at workshops and conferences and that is all.

I don’t know where the story emanated from. But you are hearing from the horse’s mouth, it is not true. I have never met him or spoken with him. We have never gone out. There’s absolutely no truth in it.”

Well said lady, well she has actually been busy with other projects

“I have a lot of projects I’m working on. I’m working on a youth project and I’m also into a talent hunt that has to do with dance. I’m doing the fund raising and getting sponsors for the project and that has occupied my time.

“Virgin Colours will sponsor the programme which will commence next year and interested youths are to obtain forms for N1,500 for the reality show. I have a website where details of this could be found.

“I also have a foundation for couples who want to achieve conception but cannot. I sponsor In Vitro Fertilisation, IVF, for the couple that emerges winner through a raffle draw. We have done one and two women, at present, are enjoying the fertility treatment.”

I guess she is a busy lady and not looking right now for a relationship. well you never know when cupid might strike or what do you say readers?