Hey readers, please do not be mad at me for not blogging all week. Lagos is seriously crazy hanging out at Deola Sagoe's Place! I will be back to regular blogging shortly!


OLUCHI is presenting West AFrica's Next top model! Could you be the one they are looking for? you could win $50000! contract with her modelling agency! more info soon
Okay congratulations are certainly in order! Amy Po gave birth to a baby boy today according to TMZ!

According to TMZ
"Sources tell TMZ Amy Poehler has been in labor all day and just had a baby boy.
We're told Seth Myers will do Weekend Update all by his lonesome, and there's no word on whether her "Bronx Beat" skit with returning cast member Maya Rudolph -- who will also be playing Michelle Obama tonight -- has been totally scrapped or not."

Gosh we will certainly miss her on SNL check out her best performance ever by viewing the clip below!

That is the million dollar question isn't it?

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Who really is Startups Nigeria? Is this a Tech CrunchWannabe site.

I must say I was intrigued as first by the site alas now not so much; what I also find fascinating is the fact that the site is HIGHLY SELECTIVE on comments shown on it's comments section.

Definitely not a techcrunch style which allows general comments but it is a start (will reserve my comments).

The site obviously has its favorite products and constantly talks about these sites as though there is nothing like it! Just my observation. Have you guys used the site? What is your take on it?

Well I want to thank readers personally on making Naijagal top 10 Naija site on Afrigator!

It is a testament to you the readers that our work to bring you the latest in fashion style technology bollywood and entrepreneurship is certainly not in vain.
Lakme fashion week was stunning and bollywood babes rocked the house on the runway and here they are:

First off, in this picture below, Bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra displays a stylish beautiful outfit by designer Narendra Kumar.
Bollywood Director, Madhur Bhandarkar, along with the cast of his upcoming flick Fashion turned out for designer Narendra Kumar, with actors Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranawat and Mugda Godse walking the ramp.

Prachi Desai added glamour to the beautiful colors of the desert as Krishna Mehta unleashed her Spring/Summer 2009 collection - "Sunrise in the Desert Sands" - at the Lakme Fashion Week at the National Centre for Performing Arts in Mumbai

pics by APGeorgeous Sonam was a complete showstopper for hot designer Tarun

So what do you say readers did they rock or what?
Deola Sagoe designs

A new generation of Nigerian fashion designers are targeting the country's rich and famous while hatching plans to turn Lagos into Africa's fashion capital, writes Waldimar Pelser.

ON a mannequin behind walls of glass and giant concrete elephant tusks, olive-green snakeskin piping jazzes up an evening gown and blue metallic threads meet black cotton cloth handwoven in a Yoruba method that is said to be a thousand years old.

Nigerian haute couture got a new temple recently and the priestess is Deola Sagoe, an award-winning Lagos-based designer.

With the opening of her flagship store on one of Victoria Island’s premier business streets, Sagoe joined a handful of high-end Nigerian designers catering to an elite used to the very best of London, Paris and Milan boutiques.

Now the ladies of Lagos can indulge in $1 000 (about N118000) pieces or a $25 000 wedding dress right in their backyard – and according to Sagoe she can’t keep up.

In an industry that has long been dominated by tailors who clothe the wealthy at a fraction of the price Western designers charge, Sagoe and her high-end peers have found a budding local market for tailor-made clothing and high-quality, ready-to-wear collections.

“There is a huge market, not in terms of numbers but in terms of the very rich. These buyers want beautifully crafted things to wear. Since they go for the world’s best, they easily recognise what is world class,” says Sagoe.

After years of shopping at boutiques like Chanel, Valentino and Prada, Nigerians are eager for top-quality local designs and it is coming from the likes of Sagoe and Emmy Collins, a London-based Nigerian menswear designer with a boutique on Ikoyi’s Awolowo Road. He charges $300 for a shirt.

Emmy Collins surrounded by his models

“There are sure to be huge parties every week or some cocktails or charity balls... there is so much going on here,” says Sagoe.

“Women are very vain. Some would not be seen dead in the same piece and we all go to the same parties, the circles are small.”

Her answer has been to spend two years building a “lifestyle boutique” on Ajose Adeogun Street, with a floor dedicated to high fashion pieces and another to her prêt-à-porter line and decorated jeans.

There is even a VIP room where clients can privately discuss their fashion fantasies and a fashion café that will soon start serving light meals.

She calls the building, with its arches of intersecting elephant tusks, “African Gothic” – and her own designs are equally bold.

In villages far from Lagos she commissions handwoven cotton cloth (smart), sometimes with her trademark metallic threads; a short black and blue tutu-like skirt becomes the ornate end-product.

It is Sagoe’s signature style; a raffia-like cotton made using “the exact same technique since the 10th century”, she says.

Other pieces incorporate influences of the Arabian tunic, mandarin collar and the Indian jelab. She works in cotton, French Chantilly lace and traditionally printed West African cloth. Her jeans sport an ornate Deola Sagoe crest on the pocket and there are shoes and plans for a men’s line as well.

Her big break came in 2000 when she showcased her designs at New York’s Seventh on Sixth fashion week as part of M-Net and AngloGold Africa Designs fashion show, where she emerged as winner.

About the same time, Emmy Collins met US music star Prince in a New York club and was inspired to launch his own label.

Collins told Nigerian men’s magazine Mode last month that he drew inspiration from the late Nigerian music legend, activist and philanderer Fela Kuti and today his designs are available from Hollywood to Florence.

At his Lagos outlet all shirts sport the Dick Tracey-like Emmy Collins emblem – the silhouette of a man with a hat. A charcoal jacket with red accents fetches $850.

There are floral waistjackets, oversized collars and cuffs that take three cuff-links or buttons.

“Many guys would love to wear these clothes but they don’t have the guts,” says a store attendant. Collins himself told Mode he caters for “the confident man”.

Now he is planning a Lagos fashion show to “elevate the standard of fashion shows in Nigeria” and like Sagoe, would like to open boutiques in South Africa.

But for Sagoe, having seen her wares modelled from Cape Town to Paris, the focus remains to turn Lagos, with its reputation for snappy dressing, into West Africa’s fashion capital.

“Nigeria is such a dynamic place at the moment. Everything is turning around so rapidly to world and global standards,” she says.

Of her own pieces, people sometimes say they “can’t believe it is African stuff”.

“Yes it is! I have a message to the world. We’re not going to ape Western fashion,” she says.

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pic reuters lbnlive

Oh wow, superstar Amitabh Bachan ( my all time favorite bollywood superstar) fondly known as Big B has been discharged from the hospital after a week's stay.

According to LBN, "Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan, who was admitted to Lilavati Hospital last Saturday following complaints of abdominal pain, was discharged on Friday. He had been in the hospital for a week.

Bachchan was admitted on his birthday, October 11. The Big B was complaining of severe abdominal pain and was diagnosed with incisional hernia.

He went back home in his own car. Son Abhishek and daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai were with him"

Here is praying for him as he recovers! Just in case you have been living under some rock and do not know who he is, here are some clips from his movies. Plus my favorite song "kabhie Kabhie"

Next stop
Oh my word! I am loving these bags by naanb! Proceeds from the sale help in rural empowerment. That is so amazing. They are tres chic too.

According to Naanab, "A self-confessed dream chaser and globetrotter, the designer began her artistic journey creating steel sculpture and paintings at Columbia University, later inspiring a long lasting love affair with clothing and accessories. After crafting and learning the elements of design, the line Naana B was conceived! A woman designing for women, Naana B takes the uniqueness and artistry of handbags seriously. The line reflects the free nature of the designer’s life and adventures. Handmade and produced by women artisans in Ghana (http://www.cblit.org), proceeds from all sales go to the Rural Communities Empowerment Centre in Ghana."
What do you say readers?

According to BBCNEWS and I quote:

"Ex-US Secretary of State Colin Powell has joined a hip-hop band on stage in London to dance and sing in a celebration of African culture.

America's former top diplomat took centre stage along with Nigerian performer Olu Maintain, who sang his hit Yahoozee."

Funny I doubt he knew what the lyrics of the song meant. However, it was all in good fun. This Festival tagged Africa Rising was sponsored by This Day News Papers. Say readers, did he Rock or what?

The Prickly Prince From Microsoft Strikes Again
by Michael Arrington on October 12, 2008

Dare Obasanjo, a Microsoft employee and the son of a former President of Nigeria, doesn’t like it when people disagree with him. I found that out in 2007 when Obasanjo vandalized the TechCrunch Wikipedia page in response to a post we wrote that was mildly critical of Microsoft’s hiring of a blogger to edit certain Wikipedia entries relating to Open Office standards. His actions as an individual and as a representative of Microsoft were outrageous.

Today he writes a post accusing us of “encouraging…garbage” on TechCrunch because we’ve reported on the market fall over the last week, pointing to three examples (out of over 100 posts last week) where we chronicle the fall of Yahoo and Google stock, and the Seesmic layoffs. A number of other blogs jumped on the bandwagon, calling for the negativity to stop (obviously none of these writers read TechCrunch this last week).

“The last thing we need is popular blogs AND the mass media spreading despair and schadenfreude at a time like this,”
he says.

Our job isn’t to cheerlead the startup scene no matter what happens. Our job is to report the news as it happens and add our opinion as we feel is appropriate. So even if we were reporting nothing but doom and gloom, the criticism isn’t appropriate.

But in fact we’ve been fairly cheerful over the last week, reporting on a couple of dozen new startups and products, focusing as much as possible on the positive, and trying to defocus the mobs from blaming the venture capitalists for what’s happening in the markets.

In other words, the tone of our coverage hasn’t changed.

So what happened? You guessed it. We dared to disagree with something the Obasanjo had to say over on TechCrunchIT, which he immediately characterized as a personal attack. A few days later- zap! - he finds three posts that aren’t all roses and butterflies and makes a subtle accusation that suggests TechCrunch may be partly to blame for the hysteria in the market right now.

In fact, his post, which ostensibly calls for everyone to be positive no matter what, is really just a clever way of inciting the mob to blame (in this case) TechCrunch for the market problems.

This isn’t ok from anyone, and it really isn’t ok from a high profile Microsoft blogger. This is the second time Obasanjo has attacked us when we disagreed with him. It’s one thing to disagree. But it’s another to attack (first Wikipedia, then this F’d company comparison) when you face disagreement. And when you represent a company, whether you like it or not, you do it under their brand. In this case, given the weakness of Obasanjo’s argument, and the fact that he just had a one sided flame war with TechCrunchIT, his motives were clear. It’s time for Microsoft to stop this nonsense.

This is certainly interesting to see Dare sure must have hit a nerve!

Well this is my blog and I can give a review as I see it! This is a favorite show of mine "The real housewives of Atlanta". Do not ask why, it just is!

I like the snow because I have a love hate relationship with Atlanta.

I have lived there before and I can say compared to other US cities Atlanta is VERY AFFORDABLE TO HAVE A HIGH STANDARD OF LIVING! HUGE HOUSE + FANCY CARS! So I would say I got intrigued by the prospect of a show following the housewives in Atlanta because I could not imagine the show in comparision to the real housewives of Orange County; boy was I suprised.

Lets talk about the cast of the show shall we?

Sheree Whitfield
Single socialite Whitfield, a resident of the exclusive Sandy Springs area of Atlanta, juggles her busy home life with a packed social calendar. She is a busy working mother to three children -- Tierra, Kairo and Kaleigh. Whitfield prides herself on her fashion sense, and owned her own upscale clothing boutique -- Bella Azul -- for years before closing up shop to focus on her next business venture, a clothing line called "She by Sheree."

Okay, I lived in Sandy Springs Once; nice area nice location. Sheree in the first episode came off as simply self centered and quite the act. Her staff could not discuss issues with her as she came off quite heavy handed. She planned a party to celebrate GOD knows what!

NeNe Leakes
Leakes resides in the upscale Sugarloaf area of Atlanta with her husband Gregg, a successful real estate investor and business consultant, and their two sons, 18-year-old Brice and nine-year-old Brentt. Leakes donates her time to various foundations and is the founder of The Twisted Hearts Foundation, which brings awareness to domestic violence against women. Leakes also hopes to open a luxury boutique hotel in the very near future.

Loud and obnoxious; at least that is the picture the producers unknowingly or other wise paint of Nene. She constantly boasts about how she would look at the party. It must have come as quite a shock to her when she got bounced at the party because she was not on the guest list, how sad!

Kim Zolciak
Kim is single (but happily dating) and lives in an exclusive gated townhouse community in Duluth, GA with her two children, 11-year-old Brielle and six-year-old Ariana. She also has her sights set on fame in the music business as a country singer, and is currently working with Grammy award-winning mega-producer Dallas Austin and will begin recording an album later this year.

Music hmm, happily single but guess what readers she has a BIG POPPA paying for things. How is that different from a Sugar daddy? It is more or less the same just a fancy name. Well speculation about who BIG POPPA happens to be is all over the web. Especially as BIG POPPA has no problem paying $68000 dollars for a brand new Escalade for this lady love. She happens to be white but in her words "She is a black woman trapped in a white woman's body". People have speculated that her big poppa is married or why would he not want his face shown on the show? Lee Najjar (a real estate mongul has been speculated to be her BIG POPPA and also Ted Turner! I doubt the later however.

DeShawn Snow
Snow and her husband Eric, captain of the Cleveland Cavaliers, recently moved to their dream home in Alpharetta, GA. Mother to three boys -- nine-year-old EJ, six-year-old Darius and five-year-old Jarren, Snow is an active member of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. She exercises her faith by running The DeShawn Snow Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on improving self-esteem in teenage girls. She is a regular on the Atlanta social circuit and extremely active in local philanthropy, sitting on the board of three different charities.

This lady tops the cake on the first show. She hires some lady to oversee her house affairs. Requires a NANNY AND A GOVERNESS! And what exactly does she do for a living hmm let me guess? Not much, after all she is a FOOTBALL stars wife! So why should she?

Lisa Wu Hartwell
Hartwell, a resident of a luxurious country club community in Duluth, GA, is a busy career woman who wears many hats -- she owns her own real estate firm, Hartwell & Associates, a jewelry line called Wu Girls, a baby clothing line, Hart 2 Hart Baby, and juggles budding acting, modeling, and writing careers. She's a devoted wife to her husband, NFL player Ed Hartwell, and their three children 13-year-old Jordan, ten-year-old Justin and one-year-old EJ.

Former wife of KEITH SWEAT; She is the only one one on the show in my opinion that works or rather has it all together. Her first two kids are from KEITH who refused to allow bravo feature his kids on the show. That is why you will only see her one year old EJ.

Well check out the clip from the show show below:

Readers have you seen it? What was your opinion of the show?
Here you go readers, Ebony's interview culled from the Vanguard Enjoy!

HER name is Ebony Okosuns and she is the first daughter of the late Evangelist Sonny Okosuns and Stella Monye. A rebel from birth, Ebony craved to be different.
And that rebellious attitude has come to the fore in her chosen profession, fashion designing.

Today, Ebony’s designs as weird looking as the creator’s rebellious lifestyle, is fast attracting the attention and patronage of some of our top celebrities.

In this interview, the petite bombshell who at a point in life wanted to follow in her father’s musical shoes, expresses herself.

What kind of name is Babugee?

It’s my nickname and it was given to me by my baby niece. I think she was trying to call Ebony but in her baby tongue, she ended up saying Babugee and it stuck and now, everybody calls me Babugee

Are you the owner of this Fashion House?

Yes I am. I know you will be surprised.

Is that what you studied in school?

No, I went to school to study Computer Information but I don’t like computers. Anytime I touch the laptops, just know that I’m working on fashion pictures and music. I didn’t want to be the one processing data, networking and doing all that web designs and so on.

How did this all start?

In the first place I didn’t want to be a fashion designer, I wanted to be a nurse, a photographer and a musician. I didn’t want to be a nurse because I wanted to treat people in the hospital and all that, no.

I just liked their fashion. I equally wanted to be a musician because they are very fashionable people so in all these careers, it was just the fashion aspect of it that I was only interested in.

As a little girl, I used to make myself dresses with needle and thread from the left over of my mother’s clothes. I sew skirts for myself, shape my clothes in one direction or the other and they were fine on me.

I never thought of making a career out of fashion design, I only knew that they were cute on me and I loved them. Also when I wore them abroad, I looked different in those weird dresses I made.

What are the reactions of people when they see you in such weird dresses?

Really, I make weird dresses but I tell you what, everybody likes them and they will ask me where I got those dresses from. People didn’t know that I am a tailor and when I tell them I made them, they usually ask me to make the same for them. At the beginning, I was doing it for free until it got to a point when I was like maybe, I should start charging them some money and I began to charge them but it was peanuts.

So how much was your first charge?

It was 20 dollars, but I always told them to appreciate it because if I take it to a shop, it could go for 200 dollars.

So my friends just sort of paid for the needle and thread. I made so many designs that people started advising me to sell them, that was how it all started, it went on like that until I did a fashion show which took so much of my time and I told myself that if this is what I am really passionate about, then everything I want to do should be put into it.

I got jobs to do for people and I increased my efforts and price as well, so I took it seriously and told myself that I

Ebony Okosuns could always do music if I wanted, after all, it’s right there at the backyard.

How were you able to source for materials since you were more interested in using African fabrics?

My mum sent them to me, not directly, but she makes me BouBou and when they come, I will loosen them and make them into something else just like that. When she sees them she will say this wasn’t what I sent you and I will tell her that it was the material I needed not the style.

You didn’t ask for materials directly...?

No, not in the beginning. In the beginning I was just making do with whatever she will send to me, I will split them to pieces and make what I like not because they were cute, but because they weren’t mine. I just wanted to wear my own designs, if she sends me trousers, I will simply reconstruct it into a skirt.

Did you think if you had told her earlier she would not have allowed you to do it?

No, I wasn’t thinking in the direction of becoming a fashion designer, I was still in school and I was doing all these for fun, not for money yet. Instead of lazing away after school I engaged myself with dress-making.

What about your father, how did he take it?

My father wasn’t a very strict person, he allows you to do whatever you wish to do best, after all, he didn’t go to school - I mean he didn’t finish primary school. But most people wouldn’t believe it because he was very well spoken.

He will only advise you to work hard on anything you chose to do, he wasn’t too hard that you must go to school, finish college and so on. He will always tell you that it is true that school is great, but it is not for everybody, “ I didn’t go to school so it will be hypocritical of me to force anybody to go to school.”

Were you able to make clothes for him?

Yes, I made some of his clothes, but he didn’t believe that I was serious about it because I told him I wanted to sing. He always complimented me that those dresses I made were cute. Generally, most of the people didn’t take my work seriously until I came back home two years ago and when I came back, I bought an industrial sewing machine here in Lagos.

One day, my father came into my little room and saw materials scattered everywhere, some clothes that I had already made hanging on the wall and the machines, he turned to my mother and said “Ah!, where did she learn all these? (laughing), I thought she was playing.”

Even when I was bringing in the machine, he felt it was one of those toys until he actually saw me working with clothes cut in pieces.

One would wonder why you came home to settle because you could have made it big in America?
The truth is that the opportunities here are bigger and better.


I don’t have to sell my body to make it big like Versace.

Does it really happen in America?

Yeah. Hollywood is a big mess, but let’s leave it to them because I am talking from my own personal experience and I’m not saying that nobody makes it big in the honest way. I know I’m a beautiful girl so it makes it more difficult for me over there because most of the people you meet that can actually put you up there are men, so when they begin to demand for what I cannot afford, it makes it difficult for me .
Nigerian men and women are considered very fashionable, is it true also in America?

Absolutely, compared to anywhere else in the world even in America we stand out. I can say the Americans envy us, they beef over what we have because we have what they don’t have. Naturally, Nigerians have this“I’m too much” attitude (shakara), we carry it wherever we go.

Are you saying the Americans don’t have this attitude?

Americans are like mad at the world, but we are black and proud people living our own lives, and we feel fabulous and okay in our style.

What has it been like since you relocated?

I’ve always loved to be home, I will say my birthday wish every year was to come back home, but my dad will say no for one reason or the other.

Business-wise, I will say I have accomplished so much in the nine months I have spent here than I had done in the many years I lived in America. Secondly, it has not been very difficult here because I have to do everything myself.

I have not achieved anything under my father’s influence because I have always believed in my work. As soon as I understood that God has blessed me with this career, I told myself that I have to go home and show my people what I’ve got.

People have not walked into my shop because I’m Sunny Okosuns’ daughter. When I wear the dresses I make to places, people will always love them and ask what I do and when I tell them, they ask me to make some for them, that’s how I have been getting my jobs. When I first tell them that I am a tailor, they will tell me I don’t look like one. Some will say tailors are bigger than I am and all that.

Why do they say that to you?

I am tiny, most people don’t expect me to know how to use the machine. And they don’t even believe I am as old as I am because I am tiny. They don’t know whether to call me Aunty or my name.

You should have told them that good things come in small packs...

(Laughing) Yeah, that’s one thing they don’t know.

Some people think your clothes are weird and crazy- - - - - -

Yes they are because they are daring. They are weird and crazy because they are different and there is nothing wrong with that, I dare to be different, it must not be the typical everyday dressing.

How do you combine colours?

I look at the person and look for the colours that will match the person’s complexion and it suits them well. I like the African print because I’m black and proud so I use the African print to design clothes. I am not coming to create another African print but I concentrate on the styling which is the work of a designer.

When will you have your exhibition here in Nigeria?

I have already featured in Mon Ami’s show. City People Entertainment put the show together.

If you have an opportunity of clothing a celebrity in Nigeria, who will it be?

I will start with Genevieve, but I know she has a clothes line now so, I don’t know how possible that will be. I like her body type, in fact, looking at her, I can think of so many designs and I must say she is my favourite actress.

Then 2face, he is very stylish, but he doesn’t know it, he needs someone to be designing for him. He is so stuck on the Hip Hop dressing but I have seen him on other dressing, maybe when he is attending an award ceremony, and he is good in them.

Are you in any relationship presently?

No, I’m not.

Are you just going to be doing this fashion thing without getting hooked up with someone?

The problem I have is that young, intelligent men get intimidated coming close to me and so I end up getting the super model kind of men but the problem is that they don’t have brains.

The super models feel within them that they are the ones who deserve to be around, forgetting that what I want is different from what they think they’ve got. I want somebody who’s got character and intelligence.

What’s your daily routine like?

When I get up in the morning, I pray and meditate, then I stretch my body a little to keep my body fit. I brush my teeth and take a shower.

What cream do you use?

I use shear butter(ori).

For how long have you been using it?

Ever since, I have always loved to be African in my doings even in America and as a child, my mother bought creams for me but ever since I grew up and decided to live my life, I use only shea butter because sometimes when you really go through the chemical content, you find out they are not all good.

What perfumes do you use?

I’m not big on perfume, but I like Rose oil and C K I but now, if I have to choose my favourite perfume, it will be Gucci Rash.

I noticed you are not wearing any make ups and earrings...

Yes, I don’t use make up at all, as for earrings, my mother tried all she could do to make me love them. When I was still small I always ended up losing one and coming back with one and make up excuses and, at a point, she just gave up and said maybe I was supposed to be a boy.

What do you say readers? Do you love her style or what?
My daily blog talks about fashion, technology, bollywood and entertainment; but this time around I am angrily voicing my concern for women in Africa. How dare you iron your daughter's breast to stop teenage pregnancy? This is practice occurring in Cameroon.

View the video below: viewer discretion is advised.

What do you say readers? Are you from Cameroon or other areas in Africa where this problem exists?

On a lighter Note here is an Advert from the upcoming Entreprenuer Show in Nigeria. I guess this will be competiting with Dragon's Den

What are you thoughts?
I know it has been a while since I blogged about bollywood and so lets get back to it shall we?

First stop a must see one!

Next stop Reliance communications video

This is a funny car ad

and another one.

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Ever wondered how people find items to sell on eBay? Well here is how they do it the find the information through directories such as

Sale Hoo!

Also how can you find AUTHENTIC COACH BAGS FOR CHEAP? Well here you go!


Now you have been informed

Hot stuff readers, well according to PMNEWS:

"Lola Omotayo, the wife of Peter Okoye of P-Square musical group has been delivered of a baby boy.

Lola, who had been on maternity leave for some months, gave birth to the baby last Tuesday in London.

P.M.News gathered that although the mother and baby are yet to return to Nigeria, Peter has been in a joyous mood since the good news was broken to him."

PM News also spoke with Peter as listed in the article.

"The christening, according to Peter, is expected to hold as soon as Lola and the baby return next month.

“I can’t disclose the exact time of their arrival at the moment, but if not next month, it will be December. I’m also keeping the name of the child close to my heart for now. I will unveil it when the time comes.

“Although people have been suggesting names for me, even my twin brother, Paul, is yet to know the name I have settled for,” Peter told our reporter, adding that “it’s a thing of joy and I’m happy about it.”

As we say to the happy couple, we are truly pleased! A baby is a blessing!
Hey readers! I will be back to blogging tommorow; I came across this article and could not resist sharing it with you! What is up with Busta Backing out?
Well readers I have some good articles coming up this week so keep reading!
Now Check out this article below:

Written by Ogbonna Amadi, Entertainment Editor vanguard
Saturday, 04 October 2008
The hype had been huge and Nigerians had awaited with great expectations as the story spread. One of America’s most celebrated rap artiste Busta Rhymes was coming to Nigeria to headline the peace concert put together by Northside Entertainment (an outfit owned by the twin brothers and their manager brother, Jude) and Howie T’s Kiss Entertainment.
The concert which was to feature also P-Square and a couple of other top Nigerian artistes had been scheduled to hold in Asaba the capital city of Delta State.

At a press conference organised by the musicians to herald the event, the duo (Peter and Paul Okoye) told newsmen the purpose of the concert is to ‘promote peace in the Niger Delta part of Nigeria’.

‘We know there has been a lot of a similar concert trying to promote peace in the Niger Delta over the years, and since anything P- Square does is usually unique, we have decided to join forces with Busta Rhymes to make this a reality’ Peter Okoye one of the twin commented.

The show which is put together by North Side entertainment; an outfit owned by Jude, Peter and Paul Okoye had been tagged ‘Da independence blast’ because the show was scheduled to hold on the 30th of September , 2008 in commemoration with Nigeria’s independence day’ Paul Okoye commented.

Alas on the D-Day the America rap artiste was nowhere near the concert venue. He was in far away America unmindful of the pains he’d inflicted on his followers.

Traumatised by the development, the organisers rallied quickly and a decision to refund money to the fee paying guests was taken.

And by the last count, the organisers had refunded in excess of N15million to the over 3,000 persons who’d thronged the Grand hotel venue and had bought tickets for N5000.

In a telephone chat with Showtime, Jude Okoye, the P-Square manager while confirming our story stated that, “what ever may have gone wrong with Busta Rhymes should be blamed on, the agent who packed the deal between Northside Entertainment and the rap artiste. We fulfilled our part of the deal.

For now we are working details on a new date for the concert”, he told Showtime