Okay to all the folks who did not believe star actress Stephanie Okereke is on her way to Hollywood fame, think again! Her latest movie (produced in Hollywood) is certainly going to be a must see movie. Check out pictures from the set exclusively on Naijagal!

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Here is the movie's storyline;

"Jeffrey [Garret Mckenchnie] lives the ultimate bachelor's life through numerous non committed relationships, but struggles to excel at work and gain his father's love and acceptance.
Jeffrey's life gets more intriguing when life deals him a card that stops him in his track. On a typical day, he returns from work to find a note "take care of your responsibility" Left on top a baby abandoned on his doorstep. In nothing short of what is scary, confusing and comedic, he turns to his Nigerian neighbour, Ada [Star actress Stephanie Okereke] who he has a secret crush on to help him."

What happens to the baby and what about his crush on Ada? Will he become commited? That readers will have to wait till you see the move. Enjoy the preview though

Fyi this movie was directed by Stephanie Okereke! Isn't that amazing? What do you say readers?


DiAmOnD hawk said...

when is the movie scheduled to be released?

daisy said...

omo this movie looks like a very interesting and funny one.when is it coming out.

wienna said...

Can't wait to see it abeg. It's going to be premiered in yankee, london & lagos first before it's being released, me thinks.

Ladi said...

KULNESS!!! Looks interesting

Anonymous said...

I think I am going to like this movie!

coolgal said...

sorry ladies for the late response
the movie "Through the Glass" premieres at the Pacific Design Center on Melrose Avenue on October 18th, 2008 in Beverly Hills.

9ja's OT said...

very interesting movie, when is it coming out

roses said...

it looks like a second to none. when is it popping?